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What’s up, Dongguan? Now a cow kills somebody and runs away

Posted: 07/28/2012 7:00 am

There’s something weird going on in Dongguan.  Perhaps it’s in the water, or in some of the sketchy food over there, but something isn’t right.

Last week we told you that a water buffalo is on the loose in Dongguan after killing one person and injuring two others.  Now we find out that a cow is accused of causing another death.

One report says a man was driving his motorocycle in Dalingshan Township when he struck a cow.  His wife, An Lo, who was sitting behind him, died.  Following the accident, the cow ran off.

Things get a little weird here though, according to the Austrian Times:

[An's husband's] angry relatives decided to sue the owner of the beast and police offered a reward for the identity of the animal, but when another villager Hu Shibi turned up with a wild buffalo she claimed was the killer they refused to pay out.

She said: “They said they wanted to find the cow so they could sue the owner, but as the cow that was to blame is a wild buffalo and has no owner, they are not interested in paying the reward.”

A police spokesman however rejected her claim saying: “We have no proof this is the beast so we are not prepared to pay out the reward.”

The villager who found the wild buffalo says she now plans to kill it and sell the meat to make up for her “losses”.

The moral of the story?  Beware of killer cows when you’re passing through town.

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