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People’s Daily Blames Jinan Restaurant Closures on Local Government

Posted: 07/5/2014 11:07 pm

jinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationA few days ago, The Nanfang brought you the curious story of hundreds of restaurants closing en masse in Jinan, Shandong province on the same day a national-level municipal health check was to be held in the city. We figured this would impact the faith Jinan folk have in their restaurants, and it turns out the People’s Daily Online agrees.

But there is a twist to the story. The restaurants, it turns out, probably didn’t close on their own volition. It was actually in response to a local government directive.

Here’s their commentary on the Jinan story:

‘Hygiene Initiative’ is a Farce
Against the City Hygiene Initiative, [the local government of] Jinan has ordered hundreds of restaurants to close. This has caused great inconvenience to city residents as well as attracting a lot of criticism. The Hygiene Initiative is an idea; however, the essence behind it is [as formless and insubstantial] as the art movement of Formalism. How can it bring about lasting reform to people’s perspectives on the environment? Through their governing, the new leaders of the current administration repeatedly emphasize not to reap [personal rewards] in the name of China nor to delight in false actions. Please tell us, corresponding Jinan departments: have these words gotten into your heads?

The People’s Daily Online stops short of directly accusing the government of ordering the closures, but treads awfully close. The conjecture  is that the Jinan local government wanted to save itself from any possible risk of losing face on a national level. By not allowing any of its hundreds of restaurants to be evaluated, no Jinan restaurant could suffer the humiliation of being rated below standard, a shame that will come back to haunt the local government.

jinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulation


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Calls for Evergrande’s Lippi to take over the national team

Posted: 11/12/2013 11:44 am

Following Guangzhou Evergrande’s historic victory over FC Seoul in the final of the Asian Champions League on Saturday, there has been a growing number in China calling on Marcello Lippi to “take the reins of the national team,” according to a report by Reuters yesterday.

Such a move, however, seems unlikely. For one, Lippi is already an relatively old manager at 65. Does he really have the years left in him as a coach to take on yet another team? And what would that mean for his commitment to Evergrande? It seems to raise more questions than answers.

Surely Lippi will want to seal his legacy at Evergrande and go on to record many more wins. I think it’s safe to say that there are no such cards on the table unless we hear otherwise from Lippi himself.

Nonetheless, it goes to show just how much trust the Chinese people now place in the Italian hero, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is approached privately with such an offer at some future time (if he has not been already).

Of the victory on Saturday, the first for a Chinese club in 23 years, Lippi said after the match at a press conference:

“An important international trophy like this one is certainly a prize for all Chinese football. The team has grown a lot… and many of those players are in the national team. The hope is that this is also growth for Chinese football.”

Zhang Jilong, AFC senior vice-president, was quoted by Xinhua as saying:

“The triumph of Evergrande in the Asian Football Confederation shows there’s hope for China’s soccer. The big investment from the club contributed a lot to China’s soccer in recent years, but we can’t say it’s the only pattern of development for Chinese soccer.”

Zhou Sui’an, Evergrande’s 1994 league season coach who saw them place second, told China Daily on Sunday:

Guangzhou Evergrande’s success comes from a professional operation, including a scientific training system, after bringing in a coaching squad from Italy and a series of incentives to boost players’ motivation. Other Chinese clubs cannot buy big stars as Evergrande did in the past few years, but they can follow the professional management style.

Clearly this is not the last we will be hearing of Lippi, the toast of China.

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