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Duck and Cover: Guangdong to Host Nuclear Disaster Drill Next Year

Posted: 05/15/2014 9:57 am

A national-level safety drill simulating a nuclear disaster will be conducted in Guangdong Province next year, reports People’s Daily.

Code-named “Heavenly Shield”, the drill is the first to be held on a national scale since 2009.

Details such as location and scheduling were not made available. Huang Min, a nuclear safety coordinator with the State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, said the drill would simulate an incident during the refueling process whereby depleted uranium fuel rods are replaced with new ones.

According to a preliminary plan, Guangdong Province was chosen to be the site of next year’s drill because of its long history in civilian nuclear power use.

Guangdong has three nuclear power plants in operation at Daya Bay, Lingao and Yangjiang. Combining those in operation and under construction, the province has more nuclear reactors than anywhere else in China.

The Daya Bay nuclear plant is the oldest nuclear power plant currently operating in China.

China conducted its last national nuclear safety drill in Lianyungang, Jiangsu in 2009. The drill simulated a reactor leak and tested the ability of military and government agencies to contain the leak while local residents rehearsed evacuation procedures.

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Shenzhen first city in China to receive LTE (4G) wireless service

Posted: 05/15/2012 3:50 pm

(Image from

Living in the PRD is often like standing outside of a wild house party but having no way in… at least when it comes to technology.  We often look forlornly at the technology available on the other side of the Luohu boundary in Hong Kong, where iPhones and iPads are sold at market prices, technology is available early, and LTE is fully deployed across the territory by a number of carriers.

Fortunately for those with dreams of LTE in Shenzhen, it looks like it might not be *too* long before it shows up on this side of the boundary.

Tech-in-Asia is reporting that testing of China Mobile’s homegrown TD-LTE network will begin on Thursday this week (May 17) in Shenzhen, the first city in China to be chosen for testing.  Unfortunately, it will be a closed test, meaning it will only be available to a small selection of China Mobile’s customers.  The other issue is finding a handset that is compatible with the TD-LTE model, which is different from that used overseas.

China Mobile has apparently set up more than 3,000 service stations in Shenzhen, so service there should be pretty strong. There are currently closed test programs in nine cities, but Hangzhou is reportedly the company’s other main testing location, so it’s possible Hangzhou customers could be the next to get their hands on 4G-LTE service. But it’s likely to be quite a while before China sees a 4G network that everyone can use; the Chinese government is intentionally delaying implementation of the technology to bolster growth in the domestic 3G market.

Yes, that’s right, while Europe, North America, and nearby Hong Kong are smothered in LTE coverage (for the most part), China is still pushing a 3G standard.  So while it’s good news that LTE is being tested, don’t toss your 3G phone just yet.


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