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“Ultra Rich Asian Girls” To Star In New Canadian Reality Show

Posted: 06/5/2014 1:05 pm

ultra rich asian girls

Flaunting your wealth will now be easier than ever for Chinese immigrants. A reality television show tentatively titled HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls is currently seeking participants that are, presumably, ultra-rich, Asian, and are girls.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, the proposed show features a demo video with Mandarin-speaking women who bicker among themselves as they buy stuff and complain while doing it, reports WSJ Chinese Real-Time.

Producer Kevin Li told the WSJ that Vancouver’s changing demographics were his inspiration after noticing the influx of wealthy immigrants from mainland China lay down roots in the west coast city. Li said, “There aren’t many positive Asian representations in the media. I have a chance to put a different perspective.”ultra rich asian girls

Li hopes to keep the focus of this show on Chinese women in order to attract a market in both Canada and China, two locales that presumably don’t have enough flaunting of wealth nor positive depictions of Asians.

It may be strange to see an ultra-rich reality show participant drinking pink champagne straight from the grip of the bottle in the demo, but that must be a force of habit, we presume.

Photos: screenshots via Youtube


More flights to Amsterdam, Osaka and Vancouver from Guangzhou

Posted: 04/16/2012 8:03 am

China Southern Airlines (CSA) international flights are set to increase this summer after the company announced its new schedule for the upcoming season. Japan is the main beneficiary, as the Guangzhou-based carrier will double its Baiyun Airport flights to Osaka to fourteen a week.

Amsterdam will receive an extra two flights per week, bringing its total to seven per week from June 13. And, as reported a few weeks ago, London will receive three direct flights a week from Guangzhou, beginning June 2, just in time for the Olympics. Overall, the new schedule brings the number of European destinations served by Guangzhou to twenty-eight flights a week.

In North America, Vancouver will be served by five flights a week, up on the existing three slated to take-off from Baiyun Airport from June 23. Travelers will also benefit from a new relationship with WestJet, enabling CSA passengers to transit and fly onwards to Toronto, Montreal and another twenty-nine Canadian cities.

In other news, the worst of the political instability in the Maldives is over, according to CSA, which paves the way for twice-weekly flights from Guangzhou to resume to the capital, Male, from April 22.

With CSA’s announcements of new routes and increased frequencies, its international capacity will increase to 27.2 per cent, and that figure is set to increase to 30 per cent by year end, according to Life of Guangzhou.

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