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Ushering in the New Year with a bang? Won’t be happening in the PRD

Posted: 02/9/2013 7:00 am

Fireworks are a staple of ushering in the Chinese New Year but a last-minute ban cancellation has let all the air out of the balloon.  That’s right, there are no big fireworks celebrations north of Hong Kong in the PRD.

It’s as if Santa has cancelled Christmas – but it does offer light relief to the many weeks of smog filled air.

HERE! Dongguan reported this:

In February’s issue, the Editor’s Picks has a list of places to see fireworks for the Chinese New Year celebration. Those have all been cancelled at the last minute.

Following the lead of Guangzhou, who cancelled the shows citing pollution and budget concerns. Dongguan’s Propaganda Department had this to say: “There are better ways to celebrate the new year.”

The move to ban fireworks was first initiated by Guangzhou three months ago, citing concerns over air pollution and wanting to encourage a “low-carbon and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.” The rest of the PRD cities have followed Guangzhou’s lead.

Neighbouring Shenzhen has taken this one step further still. Police are taking a hard line over people who transport, sell or set off fireworks illegally. Those caught will be detained for up to 15 days and fined RMB2,000 for their troubles. Criminal charges will be slapped on anyone causing fires, explosions or injuries.

Want to know what you’ll be missing? This is a snapshot of the 30-minute-long fireworks on the Pearl River in Guangzhou from last year.  It’s all we’ve got to ring in the Year of the Snake.

If you really want to catch a fireworks display, they’ll light up Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong on Monday at 8pm.


YouTube: Sammie Kong

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