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“Vampire Blood” Drinks A Safety Hazard, Pulled From Store Shelves in China

Posted: 07/16/2014 9:36 am

vampire drinks blood packA new vampire craze in China that saw retail drinks packaged as blood plasma bags has gone too far, reports China Daily.

On July 14, the China Food and Drug Administration warned consumers to refrain from purchasing “Vampire Drinks” in an announcement on its website. The agency called the drinks a public health danger, particularly for children, prompting retailers to immediately stop selling the drink.

The drinks were also criticized for only having an English label which lack any identifiable information such as the location of the factory or serial numbers.

vampire drinks blood pack

The drinks, which are red in color, are packaged in a container that resembles a blood pack used in hospitals. They are marketed under a variety of names that include: Vampire Drinks, Vampire Diary Drinks, Vampire Blood Plasma Drinks, Vampire Energy Drinks, and Emulated Blood Plasma. Some of the drinks are further classified into sub-categories of blood types: A, B, AB, O, and also “Other”.

While the government claimed the drinks are a threat to public health, the report does not elaborate on what the specific risks are. In fact, the China Food and Drug Administration doesn’t even say what these “Vampire Drinks” are made of, whether they are juices, teas, or flavored water.

As a cultural phenomenon in China, vampires are often put in the same category as hopping zombies (僵尸) and remain a taboo subject in the public sphere.

vampire drinks blood packvampire drinks blood packvampire drinks blood packvampire drinks blood pack

Photos: Shenzhen Weibo Announcements, Sina Guangdong, China Daily, Guangzhou Police, Foshan Daily

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