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Water Temperature of Guangdong Village Well Mysteriously Rises After Storm

Posted: 04/9/2014 4:15 pm

In early April, a fatal storm that hit the Pearl River Delta left behind 15 fatalities in its wake. However, the ill wind that blew this weather disturbance to our shores may also have brought something else… something more sinister.

After the storm left, a water well located in Nanting village near University Town started to reach temperatures of 45 degrees centigrade, Guangzhou Daily reported on April 7. Dug more than 20 years ago near Huang ancestral hall, the owners of the well had never experienced anything like this before… until now.

Mrs Huang had used water from the well to wash clothes and vegetables. Now when the sky becomes dark, white steam can be seen coming from the top of the well. “Now I can’t use it to water my growing vegetables, or else, they will die.” said Mrs Huang. [emphasis added]

According to experts from the Guangzhou earthquake administration, the temperature rise has to do with changes of local geological conditions. It apparently has nothing to do with malicious ghosts that live at the bottom of wells and crawl out of TVs at the end of scary movies.

The reasons to this phenomenon unclear, we’ll hedge our bets and say that getting to the bottom of this mystery will only land you in hot water.

Disclaimer: the Nanfang does not accept unsolicitated offers of creepy found footage recorded onto old VHS tapes. We apologize for the inconvenience.

With notes submitted by Charles Liu

Photo: theblingring

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