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Bringing creativity to safe sex through condom designs in Guangzhou

Posted: 08/28/2012 7:00 am

An exhibition of graffiti on condoms has been launched in Guangzhou’s Coastal City, according to Southern Metropolis Daily (SMD).

The purpose of the exhibition is not simply to indulge in vulgarity or to educate people about sexually transmitted diseases, according to the paper. Rather, it is about art and fashion.

The pictures of cattle, pandas, bears, wolves, monkeys, and penguins in happy embraces look like they would belong in a children’s picture book, but their aim is to symbolize love and intimacy.

Designer Mr. Bo, the planner of the activity, says the drawings are interesting in and of themselves. “If they were drawn on a piece of paper or a bottle of shampoo, they would get some attention but not much. But the fact that they’re on condoms adds to the profundity of the statement they are making.”

Bo added that graffiti is not about technique but about self-expression.

Another participant, Ray, who’s paintings include insects crawling around flowers, says he feels excited. “Discussing such things and bringing extra creativity to them makes our intimate experiences more communal.”

Miss. Huang, one of the female participants, says she never feels embarrassed. “Wearing condoms is a responsible thing, there’s no need to be shy. Moreover, this is just art.” Many teenagers attended the exhibition with their parents and none appeared embarrassed.

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