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Gay couple announce engagement in Dongguan on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Posted: 08/23/2012 11:35 am

A gay couple are holding an engagement party in Dongguan today, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

On August 14, a Sina Weibo user named Qiang Shao announced that he would hold an engagement party in a gay bar in Dongguan on Chinese Valentine’s Day, which is today. The wedding between Qiang and his partner Zhong Shao was supposed to take place last year but was postponed after his father died, said the microblogger.

Already retweeted 226 times, the microblog post has been mostly met with messages of support. Some microbloggers in Dongguan even offered to help organize the engagement party.

Responses included: “The people of Chongqing wholeheartedly congratulate you,” from one female microblogger; “What you’re doing requires great courage, go for it,” from another; and, “Your happiness is only just beginning,” from another.

They are the first couple in Dongguan to publicly announce an engagement, according to the paper. However, in spite of the goodwill messages, and Qiang’s assertion that “love can conquer everything,” gays cannot yet legally marry in China. Taiwan, however, is considerably more tolerant.

Homosexuality is still widely frowned upon in China. The term Tongqi was coined to describe a women who is married to a closet homosexual.

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  • blue

    2 people in love, 2 people committed, 2 people get married…..wonderful!

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