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[Graphic] Video shot by journalist shows father violently abusing his teenaged son

Posted: 04/2/2014 6:05 pm

[This blog contains graphic images and content that some viewers may find offensive.]

A video has surfaced online that depicts the continued assault of a teenaged boy by his father in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Alerted by a tip, a journalist takes position across from the balcony and records the abuse. From noon until 8pm on March 31, the reporter counts 17 beatings inflicted upon the youth by both the mother and father.

The abuse takes place upon a balcony that doubles as the boy’s bedroom, even during winter months. Having dropped out of middle school earlier this year, the boy rarely leaves the house and only eats two meals a day. The boy stated that the reason for the beating was because he stole a sausage from the other renters that share the flat.

Police have intervened, whereby a councilor has been appointed to help the father and son reconcile their differences.

The boy’s interview with a reporter revealed the extent of any reconciliation to be had:

One time, I stepped on mother’s slipper while I was sweeping the floor; father gave me a beating. Father hadn’t finished drinking; when I took a sip; I got beaten so badly my nose bled. Once when I made noodles and used up the last of the remaining vegetables in the house, father gave me a beating. This Spring Festival I received RMB 200 in lucky red envelope money. I used RMB 30 to buy a toy gun and some firecrackers; father said I wasted money, and beat me.

Here is a clip of some of the recording made by the reporter:

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