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Guangdong Teenager’s Testicle Pops Out in Tragic Bicycle Accident

Posted: 06/19/2014 8:38 am

Xiao Pan is in recovery now after surgery.

A 19 year-old boy from Huadu, Guangdong may be reproductively-challenged for the rest of his life after one of his testicles fell out during a bicycle accident.

accident scene

Even doctors from a nearby county-level hospital were aghast at what they saw. After preliminary medical procedures, they immediately transferred Xiao Pan to a paramilitary hospital. The doctors there had to stitch up ruptured and damaged blood vessels before putting the testicle back in the scrotum, his doctor told the newspaper.

The injury won’t affect Xiao Pan’s sex life, but will “cause unidentified damages” to reproduction, the doctor said.

This is a huge blow to Xiao Pan’s family, a traditional rural household in Guangdong, where many still believe that the eldest son’s prime filial duty is to continue the family bloodline. Xiao Pan’s mother was concerned if anything were to happen to the eldest son of the family, her whole family would have no dignity or “face” to live any longer, she said.

While that may seem selfish since it’s Xiao Pan who is personally suffering at the moment, the matriarch of the family in China is able to say whatever she’d like since the ball is now in her court.

Photos: Guangdong TV

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