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This Is What Using The Internet In China Is Like

Posted: 06/10/2014 2:15 pm

bus internet changsha advertisementThis picture is a very simple: Changsha traffic police are pushing a public transport bus in the middle of traffic.

And yet, there’s so much more to this picture, perhaps even as a metaphor for using the internet in China. Consider, if you will:

  • The advertisement on the back of the bus is for 4G internet access.
  • 4G internet access is the next stage of technology for mobile phones and will provide incredibly fast browsing and downloads.
  • The public bus is often a slower form of transportation relative to the speedier cars that routinely pass it.
  • This public bus has broken down, and is hindering traffic on the highway.
  • The men who are pushing the bus are police officers, and are tasked with policing the highways of China.
  • Along with pushing, these police officers are controlling the direction of the bus.
  • Anyone who is dismayed by using public transportation in China can provide for their own speedy transportation using their own vehicle, or a proxy of one, at an additional cost.

While pictures are worth a thousand words, to write anything else would just be snark.

Photo: Changsha Traffic Police via Weibo

  • The master of none

    This is what its like trying to connect to the outside
    world this month.

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