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Kindergarten staff accused of punishing 3-year old by piercing his penis with a needle

Posted: 04/15/2013 8:50 am

In the past six months, stories of young children being abused in schools and kindergartens have been so common that they are barely newsworthy anymore. However, sometimes a punishment is so creative that it merits a mention.

The parents of a 3 year-old in Guangzhou’s Liwan District have reported his kindergarten to the police after the child claimed a 2-3 millimeter wound on his penis was caused by one of his teachers piercing it with a needle, 163 reports.

Little Xiao Lou (alias) started having nightmares on Monday April 8. Two days later, his mother noticed a red wound on his penis in the bathroom. Xiao Lou told her that his teacher had done it with a needle as punishment for being disobedient.

The following day, the parents went with police to the child’s Pearl Island Kindergarten where the offending needle was found in a drawer in the child’s classroom.

Each class at the kindergarten has three adults in charge of it, two professional teachers and a classroom assistant. It is Xiao Lou’s 40 year-old classroom assistant Mrs. Zhang who stands accused of committing the act, but she denies it.

The principal of the kindergarten explained that the needle belonged to Xiao Lou’s class teacher, Mrs. Liang, who would occasionally use it in classroom activities.

In the early hours of April 12, five teachers from the kindergarten were released by police after questioning.

Despite denying responsibility for the child’s injury, the kindergarten has offered to pay he family 2-3,000 yuan in compensation.

  • Tracey Levy

    My god what is wrong with people, what kind of person would do something like this to an innocent child they should be locked up & never be aloud to be near children again. I hoping to move to china next year to teach English & I would love to work with children this age, I could never be this cruel to any child & I would never do anything to hurt one. It makes me sad that this poor child had to go through this. Here in Australia any adult needs to go through a safety screening by the government & police this should be a worldwide thing so children don’t have to suffer by the hands of adults. And what a insult to his family by the kindergarten to offer them 2-3,000 yuan in compensation no amount of money is going to stop problems that this little boy will suffer throughout his life because of what he went through. Just admit that your employer is guilty & so is everyone who works there for not knowing what was going on.

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