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Video: Drunk driver in Shenzhen unleashes rant at cop, says “my wife is a village leader”

Posted: 01/10/2013 12:50 pm

The PRD now has its own equivalent to the infamous “My Father is Li Gang” case of 2010.

A man who was stopped for a breathalyzer test in Shenzhen warned police that he was a graduate of Beijing University and that his wife was a village leader in Shenzhen, in another public display of arrogance from a well connnected person, Hebei Satellite Television reports.

In what sounded an awful lot like a drunken rant, he told police that he would not get into the back of their car and defied them to hit him.

Beida Man

Accoring to a traffic cop who was at the scene, his blood/alcohol level was 252mg/100ml, over the legal limit.

It is not yet known whether his claims about himself and his wife are true.

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