Nanfang News: Quintuplets delivered in Guangzhou


Guangzhou’s BRT has been in the news recently, not because service is slow or people can’t figure out how to get on the platform, but because passengers were getting fried while waiting for buses with no shade to rest in. That got taken care of, but now yesterday morning a B12 bus broke down and started billowing out smoke which filled up the street in front of Gangding Computer City.

People reportedly started climbing out the windows of the bus, and no-one was injured. Also, no fire was seen.

Panyu zoo gets penguins

Four emperor penguins, two of each sex and bred in captivity in Singapore, arrived in Guangzhou this week and are now in their new home at the Xiangjiang Safari Park in Panyu. More here and here.

Guangzhou’s first quintuplets

Seven months into her term, 24-year-old Zheng Xiaoni gave birth to quintuplets yesterday morning, three boys and two girls. The babies only took 15 minutes to deliver, and although now in stable condition at the hospital, range in weight from 0.72-0.9 kg, or 4.2 kg when weighed together.

The parents of the babies are both unemployed, according to Southern Metropolis Daily, but the Lion’s Club of Hong Kong has already stepped in to provide the couple with some assistance.

Panyu police round up unlicensed puppies

Also in Panyu, police have said that all unlicensed dogs will be impounded, including, in case you’re reading this while off on holiday, those being kept at pet shops or doggy daycares.

Panyu police have already begun their search, and a “large number” of dogs were impounded yesterday from the Riverside Garden community and the nearby Luoxi neighborhood. Since beginning their dog shakedown on August 3, police as of yesterday had impounded 88 dogs, but said that over 400 others have recently been properly registered. Next up will be inspections of dogs found in parks around Panyu.

Tainted yogurt found in Foshan

Three children in Foshan were taken to hospital yesterday after drinking 惠宜饮料 and 宾川红提 brand yogurt purchased from the local Walmart. Authorities have stepped in, the suspected goods have been taken off shelves, and tests are now being done to determine if any problems exist.

The three children became dizzy and started vomiting after eating lunch yesterday, and the blame was put on the yogurt they had just finished drinking. According to the parents, the suspected yogurt had an expiry date of February 5, 2012. Some safer advice might be to never feed your kids any dairy product which claims it can be kept for that long.

Humping not a popular Universiade event

Athletes from around the world now in Shenzhen for the Universiade games have apparently fallen far below the organizers’ expectations in how much casual sex they’re having with each other (or with the organizers themselves), as so far only 2,000 of the 100,000 condoms being distributed for free in the athlete’s village have been taken.

A cool move, but we wonder if turning to the media to encourage more condom usage might be going overboard. Athletes interviewed by New Express about the condom situation said they both have girlfriends back home. Maybe a few humpilates workouts would gain more interest.

Guangzhou Avenue North ATM daytime mugging

Two women were mugged at knifepoint at just before 10 yesterday morning at an ATM just north of Hooley’s Irish Pub. The guy who mugged them got off with RMB 800 and police are still investigating. Apparently he waited in line behind the women until they finished withdrawing money, then pulled out a foot-long knife, grabbed the cash and bolted down the street all within the space of a few seconds. Police have said they’ll be lenient if the mugger turns himself in.

For the guys

The 2011 New Silk Road modeling competition for university students was held this week in Shenzhen, and the theme was “Dreams”. Model #4, Ma Jing, came in first place, followed by Gu Wei in second and Zhang Siyun in third. Photos from the event here.

For you ladies

A radio DJ in Guangzhou had a ‘diu-el’, a Cantonese curse showdown, with a radio DJ from a Zhongshan station earlier this week. Apparently the upside to having an opaque censorship machine regulating you from behind the scenes is that you can swear all you like. Or not. Anyway, see what you can catch of the clever dialogue below.

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