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Earphone Wire Surgically Removed From Shenzhen Man’s Urinary Tract

Posted: 05/22/2014 7:09 pm

earphone holderWhen a 32 year-old Shenzhen man named Luo came seeking treatment for a urinary tract infection, he didn’t tell them everything at first. It took a while, but Luo finally told doctors the reason why he was in so much pain: Luo had stuck an earphone wire into his urethra, and it got stuck inside his body.

Xu Chang, Vice-Head of Urology at the Shenzhen Shuguang Hospital, stated Luo had been suffering from numerous urinary tract infections. Unable to tolerate the pain, Luo was recommended to stick an earphone wire into his penis and up into his bladder to remove the obstruction by a friend as a “home remedy”.

Luo tried this procedure several times, but last month he was not careful and the wire entered his bladder and got lost within his body.

On the afternoon of May 21, a 20 minute minimally invasive surgery was able to remove 45 cm of wire from Luo’s body. By this time, the wire had already tangled itself around a urinary tract stone.

We’re going to go with the doc on this one, who said:

Using an earphone wire to clear an obstruction in your urinary tract is complete nonsense. If there is an inflammation of any kind, you should visit a reputable hospital to receive medical treatment.

Sounds like good medical advice. We don’t recommend you do this either, but should you impossibly reject the words of Deputy Department Head of Urology, we would only hope that your playlists be rocking out with suitable soundtrack that consists of:

  • anything by Steely Dan
  • Peter Gabriel, “Sledgehammer
  • Led Zeppelin, “Moby Dick” (for the drum solo, man, though The Lemon Song would do as well)
  • Bull Moose Jackson, “Big Ten Inch
  • Whitesnake, Greatest Hits
  • entire discography of ZZ Top
  • and everything else recorded after 2002

Photo: diytrade

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