Shenzhen on verge of massive metro expansion

The metro system in Shenzhen is about to expand rapidly, just in time for the Universiade in August.

Shenzhen Metro Line 4, which was taken over by Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation, already runs from the Futian Checkpoint border crossing (Lok Ma Chau on the Hong Kong side) to Children’s Palace Station.  But the Shenzhen Standard is reporting that an extension of the line will see trains continue from Chidlren’s Palace Station all the way to Qinghu Station, with testing already underway.

Meanwhile, getting into town from far-flung Bao’an Airport is going to be a whole lot easier once the Line 1 Extension begins operation in June.  People will be able to reach the airport (or make their way back into town) on the line once it commences services.  Testing on this line will also begin in March.

These two major extensions are in addition to the Shekou Line extension, which opened not long ago (thus eliminating the excuse that Shekou is too far to go for laowai in Futian), and are part of 113 kilometres of new metro lines comprising 80 stations in Shenzhen, all of which will be open by the end of June.  To put that in perspective, Hong Kong has 84 stations in total, constructed since 1979.  Yeah, things move quickly in China’s “city of dreams“.

From Wikipedia, here is the complete map of what the Shenzhen Metro system will look like come June this year.  And if you really want to blow your mind, take a look what’s in store for 2020, which is right below it.

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