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Top 10 Terms Used By Chinese Media In 2014

Posted: 12/22/2014 10:00 am

rule of law2014 was the year that gave us My Little Apple, death cults, yet another incarnation of the Monkey King, the World Cup, and an airline that vanished out of thin air. But which one ranks as the most popular among Chinese media and the Internet?

As reported by China Daily, here’s another year-end list ranking the most frequently used words by the Chinese media in 2014:

  1. rule of law
  2. loss of communication
  3. Beijing APEC
  4. Ebola
  5. One Belt, One Road (referring to the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21 Century Maritime Silk Road)
  6. Brazil World Cup
  7. Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Exchange connection program
  8. Occupy Central
  9. National Memorial Day
  10. Chang’E 5

The report also included the most frequently searched terms by Chinese internet users. The top domestic search term was “anti-corruption”, while the most popular international search term was “Malaysian Airlines”.

Photos: China Daily, Baidu


Guangzhou Mayor Says City Home to Few Africans, Ebola Fears Overblown

Posted: 12/1/2014 6:44 pm

guangzhou african communityGuangzhou is the home of the largest concentration of African expats outside of Africa in Asia, which means the city is rife with rumors of Ebola eventually spreading to the city. To ease the paranoia, the Guangzhou government today gave official statistics on the number of Africans in the city, and it’s much lower than some estimates that put it as high as several hundred thousand.

According to local officials, there were just 16,000 African expats living in Guangzhou as of October 22. In comparison, there are 57,000 expats from Asian countries and 22,000 from European ones for a total expat population of 118,000. Guangzhou deputy mayor Xie Xiaodan who said during an October press conference that it’s a common misperception that Guangzhou has many Africans. “[Many of China’s African residents] come to Guangzhou for business during the day and return [to cities around Guangzhou] during the night,” Xie was quoted as saying.

Previous estimates of the African community in Guangzhou numbered around 200,000, with many resident said to be staying illegally. Naturally these people wouldn’t show up in government statistics.

Guangzhou has been working hard to prevent an Ebola outbreak. Travelers arriving from Ebola-stricken countries like Sierra Leone, Guinea, or Liberia were given cell phones and instructed to contact health authorities in the event that they come down with any symptoms related to the illness.


Photo: nanjiang


Guangzhou Tracking Africans from Ebola Region with Free Mobile Phones

Posted: 11/3/2014 9:00 am

Guangzhou has found a novel way to keep in touch with people arriving from west Africa, which has been afflicted with the Ebola virus: give them free mobile phones.

Every single traveler who arrives in the city from Guinea, Libera, or Sierra Leong will get a health care package that includes a thermometer, local map and free mobile phone with a SIM card pre-installed.

Xinhua reports:

“Passengers who get the phone should keep it turned on for the following 21 days. In this way, disease control personnel can track and contact them as quickly as possible,” said Wu Huiming, deputy head of the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau.

So far authorities have handed out 98 phones.

Guangzhou is known as Africa’s capital in China, with some estimates that 200,000 Africans are living in the city. The strong links with Africa have made concerns about the spread of Ebola particularly acute in the city. If anyone rejects the mobile phones or health package, they will be blacklisted the next time they try and enter the country.



There’s No Ebola in Guangdong… Yet

Posted: 10/30/2014 9:00 am

ebola preventionAmid fears of the spreading Ebola virus, Guangdong authorities insist the province is free of the disease.

Chen Yuansheng, director of the Guangdong Health and Family Planning Association,
said all tests for Ebola over the past two months have been negative, reports Sina Guangdong.

According to Chen, approximately 8,672 people have arrived in Guangzhou from high-risk areas in Africa since the outbreak began. Of them, about 5,437 were tested for and cleared of Ebola. Only 43 people were held for observation; but they all later tested negative for the virus.

However, the procedures of the Health and Family Planning Association have not been without controversy. Chen suggested that Guangdong’s success may, at least in part, be the result of increased profiling of cities with higher concentrations of West Africans, such as Guangzhou, where authorities have stepped up preventative measures.

Photo: Sina Guangdong


Ebola Test Kit Officially Approved for Production in Shenzhen

Posted: 08/21/2014 2:14 pm

ebola virusA test kit that can positively identify the Ebola virus has been approved for production with manufacturing set to begin soon in Shenzhen. The kit was invented by China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and is to be manufactured by Shenzhen Puruikang Biotech. It gained final official approval from the military’s logistics approval department and health department.

The test is able to identify the virus by using the virus’ gene sequence by means of a nucleic acid detection kit that utilizes a “compound probe”. That sounds quite confusing, so here’s all you need to know: it’s using the same technology previously used to develop test kits for the H1N1, H7N9 and NDM-1 viruses.

Because there is no vaccination for Ebola, doctors say early diagnosis is important for controlling the spread of the disease.

More than 1,300 people have been infected with the Ebola virus so far this year

Photo: International Business Times


Hong Kong Ebola Scare, But Nigerian Tourist Tests Negative

Posted: 08/10/2014 10:19 pm

ebola virusA suspected case of the Ebola virus put the scare into Hong Kong on Sunday, but fortunately the man tested negative.

According to a local TV station, the patient is a 32 year-old Nigerian national who arrived in Hong Kong on Thursday. The patient exhibited symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, and was quarantined at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The patient had been staying at Chungking Mansions, a famous Hong Kong landmark long associated with migrants from India and Africa.

Meanwhile, a patent thought to have the Ebola virus has tested negative in Toronto, Canada. The patient had just returned from visiting Nigeria.

Yesterday, the World Health Organization declared the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa to be a global emergency as infection measures to stem the spread of the virus fail.

Photo: China News

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