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Porn found on official website of Huidong health department

Posted: 04/4/2014 8:26 am

We previously told you about the story of the Dongguan Taxation Bureau being caught touting adult products on its official website. But if there is a competition among government departments to compete for the bawdiest, raciest and most salacious official website, Huidong county’s health department is nabbing this one for sure by directly linking to porn websites from its official web page.

This was made publicly known after a university student surnamed Li was randomly clicking through the website in the hope of finding a job in the bureau. Little did he know when he clicked on a link to Huidong No. 2 People’s Hospital, one of the bureau’s subsidiary units, he hit the motherload: pictures of scantily-dressed women in racy positions, and Chinese ads for naked chatting and prostitution. This obscene content was planted in notable places on the page, according to descriptions from Nanfang Daily.

The porn site linked to the department’s website.

A random click onto any linked picture shown on the website leads you into something that’s even “more obscene to the eye,” according to the report. How obscene it is? We will leave that to your imagination. But it’s so obscene that Li believed that his computer had gotten infected with some kind of virus. Days later, the contents were still there, Li said.

Strangely enough, there was no reaction from the department in regards to anything abnormal about its website even after 15 days when Li first found the porn sites.

When contacted by a journalist about the “extra health services”, the bureau said they were completely in the dark about the situation and claimed the site was hacked. The bureau stated they had reported the matter to the local police.

Next time, don’t blame bureaucracy for slow service at the health bureau. Bureaucracy itself is hampered by health officials cowering behind their computer screens and watching…well you know what.

Home page and content page photo from TVS朱春宇


Van plummets 20 metres after bridge collapse in Huizhou

Posted: 10/9/2013 11:00 am

This diver was sent from Guangzhou to investigate the cause, image courtesy of Nanfang Daily

We told you in August that Dongguan was set to rebuild 16 of its bridges. Now it appears it that it’s not the only city in the Pearl River Delta that needs to take a look at the safety of its bridges.

On Monday night (October 7), a couple drove a van drove across a bridge in Huidong County in Huizhou. It was dark, and they didn’t know the bridge had collapsed earlier in the day. As they were driving across, they hit a precipice and plunged 20 metres where the bridge had collapsed, Nanfang Daily reports.

The driver and passenger had to swim to the bank and were taken to hospital after emergency services were called.  Both are in a stable condition.

Now authorities are trying to figure out why the bridge had collapsed, and perhaps more importantly, how it could’ve been collapsed for so long without anybody securing the area.


Guangdong tourism booming with impressive new resort set for Huidong

Posted: 08/23/2013 11:10 am

A new Amari luxury beach resort operated by ONYX Hospitality Group (Thailand) is slated to open in Huidong in 2016, according to a skew of reports out yesterday.

Local governments in the Pearl River Delta region are increasingly pushing for new tourism ventures in an attempt to attract foreign spending. Notable tourist destinations in the province at large already include Danxia Mountain, Yuexiu Hill (Guangzhou), Star Lake and the Seven Star Crags, Dinghu Mountain, and Zhongshan Sun Wen Memorial Park for Sun Yat-sen.

“Located just east of Huizhou, in the PRD region of southern China, Amari Huidong will be located in the Xun Liao Bay Resort Area, which occupies a 1.2 kilometre stretch of coastline, including a 500-metre beach. The resort will feature 150 rooms, two restaurants, lobby and poolside bars, meeting rooms and a spa,” Travel Daily Asia said in a report yesterday.

The popular travel website Trip Advisor already lists the Sheraton Dameisha Resort in Shenzhen, the Pullman Dongguan Forum in Dongguan, and the Sheraton Resort Jinhaiwan in Huizhou as the top three resorts in Guangdong.

The Nanfang reported yesterday that Huizhou was ranked the most beautiful city in the Mainland by a Hong Kong-based NGO. Increased attention on the region, including outside key locations such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou, will likely result in higher visitor numbers in coming years, and an expected tourism boom is already being seen as a golden opportunity for investment.

The province already accounts for 12 percent of the PRC’s national economic output, and Guangdong’s GDP was US$815.53 billion in 2011 (equal to the Netherlands in Europe). Guangdong is considered a major economic hub of China thanks largely to Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Earlier this month, Guangzhou Tourism Bureau announced 72-hour visa-free transit, making it the third major city in China — after Beijing and Shanghai — to welcome the move, further signs of the region’s development into a “tourist friendly” destination.


Photo credit: ONYX Hospitality Group

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