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Add This Item to Your Unsafe China Food Lists: Bean Sprouts

Posted: 08/4/2014 8:58 am

poison bean sprouts dongguanThere’s more food that you should avoid as people try to earn a little more money by serving up poisoned food. Zhuhai police announced they have broken up a production ring that made and sold poisonous bean sprouts unsafe for human consumption, reports China News. Police made the bust on July 17, arresting 17 people at 11 locations.

The bean sprouts are said to have been produced using a rootless agent and AB powder. These compounds are not allowed to be used in food products, and are said to cause early maturation in children and change physiology in girls. As well, they are said to be cancerous.

This is the second police raid that has seized unsafe bean sprouts this past month. Thirty tons of bean sprouts were seized in a police raid in Shunde on July 9.

In other food safety news that is more positive, tofu and soy retail products must be packaged in Shenzhen when sold, reports the Shenzhen Evening Report.

Photo: China News

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