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Deputy Mayor of Dongguan Under Investigation

Posted: 05/9/2014 9:13 am

Liang Guoying, center, is an official that gets to (the) point.

And still the turnover continues as another official in Dongguan is destined for the chopping block.

The Guangdong Provincial Commission for Disciplinary Inspection released a statement that said Liang Guoying, the executive deputy mayor of Dongguan, is under investigation for ”serious discipline violations,” Shanghai Daily reports.

There are no other details released at this time. We don’t know what crimes Liang is accused of, or why. However, we can all have full faith that Liang is as good as guilty as the provincial watchdog wouldn’t waste our time by announcing an investigation into a person that’s plain innocent.

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It hasn’t been announced if Liang’s investigation has to do with the prostitution crackdown the city underwent last February, but Liang would be joining a list of accused persons that keeps growing in prestige:

  • 865 arrests made
  • 36 police officers involved of which 9 are in criminal detention, 13 face disciplinary action, 14 are under investigation
  • Yan Xiaokang, Deputy Mayor and head of the local Public Security Bureau
  • Liang Yaohui, a deputy in the National People’s Congress

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 Photo: Xinhua, NewsCenter
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