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Video: Sexy heroine kicks knife out of suicidal woman’s hand, becomes online sensation

Posted: 01/8/2013 7:00 am

The knife is kicked out of the suicidal woman’s hand

An unidentified woman in Guangzhou, who looks like she’s barely out of her teens, has become an online sensation after a display of athleticism and bravery last Saturday (January 5).

At around 8:20 p.m., a woman in her thirties was seen standing on a street corner at Baogang Boulevard waving a knife and threatening to kill herself, Southern Satellite Television reports.

As onlookers gathered round, she became more hysterical and started throwing money around, including 100 yuan and 50 yuan notes as well as small change. By this stage, she was already bleeding out of her hands, according to one witness, Miss Li.

Nobody dared approach the woman but some people picked the money off the ground. Then, a woman, thought to be in her late teens and wearing shorts in spite of the weather, picked up some notes and tentatively approached the hysterical woman, offering to give her the notes back.

As the knife-wielding woman was about to accept the notes, the woman kung fu kicked the knife from her hands with enormous speed and athleticism before both women fled in seperate directions.

Netizens have nicknamed the brave young woman “heroine with sexy legs” due to the length, whiteness and athleticism of her legs.

All of the cash was returned to police and neither woman had been identified as of yesterday afternoon.

Police are seeking the woman as they hope to give her an award

  • Chris Hubbard

    This is totally fake. Staged for sure.

    • Kevin McGeary

      Why so sure? Who gained from this?

    • foljs

      Yes, as if stranger things have not happend…

      Are you for real man? It’s a simple BS event on a foreign city…

  • China Newz

    That is pretty cool. It is amazing that she didn’t injure the woman holding the knife. She might have kicked the knife into her or something else may have happened.

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  • Moritz

    Nice little story. Typical Chinese news coverage though. 10 seconds would have totally sufficed. But no, it had to be turned into an almost 4 minute long piece…

    • Kevin McGeary

      They have a lot to learn about how to edit a news story. Important, game-changing information is often buried or just left out completely.

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