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Hotel in Guangzhou collapses, thirty-five homes nearby evacuated

Posted: 04/15/2013 3:47 pm

Thirty-five homes were evacuated in Guangzhou’s Huadu District late on the night of April 12 after the interior of a nearby hotel collapsed, Sina News reports. Apart from one member of staff who stepped on some broken glass while escaping, remarkably nobody was injured.

The 96 people who have had to leave their homes were put up in the nearby Huilong Hotel. Traffic police closed Yunshan Avenue for several hours on April 13 and the hotel was demolished that afternoon.

The cause of the collapse is being investigated, but it is thought to have been shoddy building work. Residents had been complaining about how noisy the hotel’s construction  had been.

But most importantly, nobody was killed, unlike in the sinkhole incident in Shenzhen last month.

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