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Meet master swindler, Liu Bin

Posted: 05/22/2014 8:00 am

There seems to be a similar narrative behind every official or military officer impostor story: they all profess an air of authority and have the trappings to back it up, including rote quotations of Party lines and plain clothing. Liu Bin is no exception.

A Hunan native, Liu was living under not just one fake identity as a military officer in Shenzhen, but also as a member of the special forces and as a policeman, and maintained each of his fake identities until he was busted.

More than 10 women were his victims, among which several gave birth to his sons. Later (in an appalling twist), he sold one of his own sons for over RMB 30,000 ($4,810), Shenzhen Evening News reported on May 21.

One of the fake stamps Liu used

An investigation into Liu revealed a long list of criminal acts including fraud worth a total of RMB 1.5 million ($240,630), child trafficking, and forgery of an array of official documents, identities and stamps, some of which were inscribed with “Shenzhen People’s Government”, “Shenzhen Municipal Police Department”, “Central Military Commission’s Guangdong Command”. It’s unknown how Liu managed to get a hold of these too-real-to-be-fake stamps and documents.

Along the way, from 2006 until his capture this year, almost no one questioned or doubted his identity as he claimed himself to be the younger brother of Liu Yong, the commander of the Shenzhen Military Garrison. Both shared the same surname Liu, according to an earlier report by Nanfang Metropolis Daily. In various occasions, he was able to peddle his credibility and connections for financial gain. He accepted bribes and kickbacks in return for a number of favors: waiving a physical check-up when enlisting into the military, selling the military position of a paramilitary hospital’s vice president, pulling strings to help someone open an internet cafe, and helping people avoid criminal charges.

In one of his cases in which Liu tried to ditch one of his girlfriends surnamed Zhou, he forged an elaborate court verdict by a Shenzhen intermediate court and falsely sentenced himself to prison to avoid the woman. In the verdict, it said that Liu was found guilty of committing bigamy and was sentenced to two years and six months in prison. For this, Zhou was given a year to pay financial compensation of RMB 1 million to the “first wife”.

Liu was officially charged with child trafficking, defrauding and forging state documents and stamps on May 19 by the Longguang District Court of Shenzhen.

Home page and content photo credit: Nanfang Metropolis Daily 

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