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Shenzhen Airport fined RMB 200,000, ordered to halt expansion project

Posted: 01/11/2013 7:00 am

Shenzhen International Airport has been ordered to halt an expansion project and pay a 200,000 yuan fine after it was discovered that it had not received proper approval, Shenzhen Community reported yesterday.

The expansion included an extension of its future Terminal 3 as well as runway extensions. The airport did not receive proper approval from The Ministry of Environmental Protection and thus received the maximum fine.

It is not clear whether the punishment will affect the projects, according to Shenzhen Daily.

The airport must apply for proper approval before it continues with the extension.

Terminal 3, which started construction in February 2009 and will have a capacity of 30 million passengers a year, is still scheduled to open this year.

Between 2000 and 2010, China added 40 airports, the LA Times reported, but traffic has tended to be concentrated at the major hubs. Aviation authorities reported last year that many smaller airports are losing money.

You can see some “gorgeous” photos of state of the art Chinese airports at Business Insider here.

  • Ignatius J Reilly

    Have they fixed that fucking escalator yet? Everyfuckingtime I go there it’s not working.

  • Siegfried

    11. Jan. 2013
    What is the matter with new airports? In Berlin / Germany have been also big problems building a new airport. So we are not alone with our sorrows.


  • China Newz

    Seems like pollution is being looked at hard if there is a fine for the airport. Surely, there have been other public projects that have fallen under the radar of the Ministry of Environmental Protection with all the building taking place in China. The price of rapid industrialization is pollution, and China seems to be keeping a close eye on it.

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