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Shenzhen guy tells online friends he’ll commit suicide, cops arrive too late

Posted: 10/7/2012 11:10 am

In a tragic tale, a Shenzhen-based netizen announced his own suicide October 5, according to local media, and then followed through before help arrived.

At 9:19 p.m., the netizen took to Tianya’s BBS to proclaim: “Those friends who will miss me and wish me well, may you enjoy happiness, health and longevity.” Initially, responses ranged from those accusing him of simply seeking sympathy to those trying to talk him out of it.

The netizen posted several photographs of his final hours, including those of some empty beer bottles he claimed to have drunk. After the third bottle, he claimed that after drinking the sixth he would have the courage to hang himself with a belt.

Police from Xiangmihu Police Station arrived at his home around 11:30 which time he was already dead.

The man’s sister told media that he had had a quarrel with his father, who refused to lend him money to start a business, saying he was too young.

A shot that the victim took of his own bedroom

The following day, a netizen named Shi Xiaohuang, who was the one who called the police, berated the netizens’ who simply sat and watched the whole thing without calling the police or attempting to talk him out of it.

In December last year, a netizen was saved after announcing her decision to commit suicide on Sina Weibo, according to Chinabuzz. But in this case, the police just missed out.

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