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Taiwan cast as imaginary enemy at Zhuhai air show, media forbidden from mentioning it

Posted: 11/22/2012 12:57 pm

Taiwan was cast as the imaginary enemy in a video played at the recent Zhuhai Air Show, with media being encouraged to avoid reporting on the development, according to China Digital Times.

The video showed F-16 jet fighters at Taiwan’s air bases being destroyed after M20 short-range ballistic missiles were fired, according to the Taipei Times.

It is the nation’s largest air show and is often used to unveil China’s latest military technology. Forty-four aircraft were on exhibition for the first time, according to a feature in last week’s Shenzhen Daily.

Although reporters from around the country flocked to the festival, there was one thing they could not talk about. On Nov. 19, China Digital Times was told that the Guangdong Propaganda Department had forbidden reporters from talking about the video which showed simulations of air strikes on Taiwan.

Chen Kuo-ming, senior editor of the Taiwan-based magazine Defence International, attended the air show and said Taiwan must take the threat of China’s long-range rockets seriously.

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