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Ultimate Frisbee draws crowds in Shenzhen for summer league

Posted: 08/12/2013 9:49 am

Last month, the ShenZhen Ultimate Players Association hosted its first Summer League for the popular international sport Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate, as the sport is known, has been gaining popularity in the PRD in recent years, particularly in Shenzhen due to the SZUPA.

The 2013 Shenzhen Summer League is the first Summer League for the sport in Shenzhen on a full-sized field. Seventy people from around Shenzhen and Hong Kong registered to play and were separated evenly to four color related teams. The teams were the Lao Whites, Blue Wave, the Shenzhen All Blacks, and Team X (Mixed colored uniforms). Over the course of 4 weeks, the teams battled it out with the hopes of improving their skill and having some fun in the sun.

They played every week at OCT Middle School from the end of June through July.  Below is a round-up of the winners.

Week 1 – The SZ All Blacks beat Team X (9 -6), while Blue Wave had the win over the Lao Whites (7-6).

Week 2 – The SZ All Blacks took on the Lao Whites for another win (8-5). Team X overcame the Blue Wave for a close fought win (10-5).

Week 3 – The SZ All Blacks lost by 1 point to Blue Wave in a high scoring game (11-12) while Team X lost to the Lao Whites (7-8).

Week 4 – The Lao Whites claimed their 3rd place ranking by defeating Team X (6-5). The Blue Wave seemed like they would put on a much closer game, but the SZ All Blacks strong defensive game really took the Blue Wave apart for a decisive win (12-4).

Afterwards medals were awarded to the winning team, the Shenzhen All Blacks and each team’s MVP, Most Improved Newcomer and Best Spirit winner, was awarded a prize from The 2013 Shenzhen Summer League’s sponsors,, Little India Shekou, and

Ultimate Frisbee originated in New Jersey in the US. It is a co-ed sport that blends many sports together, including elements of American football, rugby, netball, basketball, and soccer. A standard Ultimate field is 70 yards by 40 yards, with 25 yard endzones on either end making a total of 120 yards by 40 yards. There are seven members per team on the field during game play. Each team is trying to score by catching the Frisbee (disc) in the endzone at the opposite side of the field. The disc can be moved forwards or backwards by throwing and catching only. If the disc is in your possession, you cannot run but can pivot like in basketball when you’ve picked up the ball. If someone runs up to defend you they cannot take the disc out of your hands or hit you as Ultimate is a non-contact sport.

They can however start a count to 10 which if they reach before you throw it is a turnover. A turnover also happens, if there is an incomplete throw, an interception, or if the disc is thrown out of bounds.

If you’re interested in playing, you can visit here.

  • Coolguy

    This group steal my friends logo. That SZ logo in their shirt is my friends design and this group shamelessly used it without approval/credit to my friend. What an asshole!

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