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Two people are electrocuted during rainstorm in Guangzhou, both died

Posted: 09/27/2012 1:00 pm

A 40 year-old woman and a 26 year-old man were electrocuted during a rainstorm in Guangzhou’s Zengcheng District on Sept. 24, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

It was raining heavily when Zhao Jinghua, 40, sprinted along Xizhou Avenue to take an umbrella to her son who works in the same factory as her. Because she was close to home, Zhao was only wearing slippers and fell in a puddle near an electric cable at 6:30 p.m.

A passer-by attempted to rescue her but did not want to touch her. A nearby restaurant owner got a pair of rubber shoes and rubber gloves so somebody could try to pull her out without endangering themselves. But she died instantly, paramedics confirmed.

Minutes later, a 26 year-old man slipped near the same puddle and was also electrocuted.

Officials attributed the death to a leakage of a nearby electricity cable.

The investigation is ongoing.


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