Universiade opens today, airport closes…

The Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre is ready

Well, hello Shenzhen.

Today is a day that has been years in the making.  For a long time, we’ve seen the Universiade signs, roads closed, construction underway, been told to clean the city, register with the police, and more.  And after all this wait… all this anticipation… the Universiade is set to open today.  Finally.

Security is tight in Shenzhen, much like the hours before the kickoff of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.  In fact, even Hu Jintao himself is down in our fair city to preside over the glitzy opening ceremonies.

This is all fine and good for fans of the Universiade, but if you have flights scheduled to depart or arrive Shenzhen today, you’ll need to know this: Shenzhen Airport will be closed from 2pm to 7pm as a security measure today.  That means no flights taking off or landing during that time.  The Hong Kong Standard has a bit more:

Some mainland travel agencies said they were informed of the restrictions just a few days ago.

“I don’t think it’s right to ask so many people to change their work schedules just because of the games,” a woman tourist said.

The airport will also be closed for a few hours on August 23, when the closing ceremonies are held.  One wonders if authorities are concerned about a security threat at airports or in the sky, why Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Macao, and Hong Kong airports continue to function, considering they are only a few kilometres away.  But alas.

More than 12,000 athletes are in Shenzhen for the big show.  If you’re out and about, send us some pictures that capture Shenzhen at its finest (and cleanest).


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