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Serious about terrorism, Guangdong holds largest training session ever for police

Posted: 03/25/2014 9:11 am

Guangdong is really getting serious about quashing any terror threats, and it is mobilising police forces from the county level and up to be prepared for any threat.

About 200 local police bureau chiefs from various counties, districts and cities in Guangdong just gathered at a police academy in Haizhu district for an intense week long training session ended on March 23, the largest scale training of its kind for county-level police chiefs in 10 years, Guangzhou Daily reported on March 24.

In addition to terrorism, the subjects covered during the training include national security and stability, analysis of national security status, police anti corruption and response to public opinions.

Li Chunsheng, vice governor of Guangdong and its provincial police chief, reinforced the importance of anti-terrorism in his first lecture to the 196 police heads in the wake of the Kunming knife attack on March 1. He said the attack was an example that terrorism threats are right in front of us. He urged patrolling police to act “swiftly and resolutely” towards terrorists, the report said.

Following this, the province is planning to roll out another series of training sessions for officers handling emergencies.

Home page photo credit: Guangzhou Daily 


    Terrorism training is a great knee-jerk reaction to let the dumb masses feel safe. When will China leaders start protecting the people from tainted food that kills thousands in China every year? Food hygiene and safety is more important but less sensational to a ignorant population

  • Zen my Ass

    China’s mentality is always reactive, never proactive… As usual, they will make some important announcements, they will move people all around, somebody will be jailed, somebody will be sacked, nothing will change.

    • The FRED FONG

      flying policemen…to protect THE PEOPLE

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