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Does This Manhole Cover Look Safe To You?

Posted: 07/10/2014 10:58 am

crappy manholeIndeed, this manhole cover may look like a safety risk, but a city representative counters that it’s absolutely “no problem to pedestrian safety”, reports CaijingWhen interviewed by a reporter, the representative went on to say that the manhole cover is lined with steel bars.

Besides being completely broken and non-functional, the reporter also discovered the metal reinforcement bars are actually only the width of a chopstick. The whole cover is only 7mm thick at its thinnest point.

crappy manhole 01

The representative reasoned with the reporter that since the manhole cover is in a greenspace area, only pedestrians would be walking here. Therefore the manhole cover is thick enough, because it should only need to support the weight of a pedestrian. In explaining why the manhole cover is broken, the representative had another answer ready: he said a motorist probably parked on it, and the cover wasn’t designed to support the weight of a car.

The representative said the city has long known about the problem and have been meaning to fix it (honest!)—it’s just that they haven’t gotten around to it yet.

And then, just 90 minutes after being contacted by the reporter, the supervising department replaced the manhole cover with a sparkly new one.

crappy manhole 01crappy manhole 01crappy manhole 01

Photos: Caijing


Explosion On Shenzhen Metro Line 4 Caused by External Smartphone Battery

Posted: 05/8/2014 4:20 pm

A subway train had to stop suddenly and passengers evacuated after a fire broke out at the rear of a train on Line 4 of the Shenzhen Metro, reports the Shenzhen Evening Report.

The incident occurred at 11:33am, and suspended subway service from Lianhua North Station to Futian Checkpoint, affecting transfer stations along Lines 1, 2 and 3.

A source with the firefighters on the scene confirmed the fire as the result of an explosion originating from a external battery charger for a cell phone.

No injuries were reported. Trains resumed normal operations as of 12:24pm.

Cheap aftermarket batteries seem like a bargain in comparison to the high cost of smartphones that keep rolling out with new models every year. However, the savings may be hazardous as shown on numerous occasions.

An iPhone 5 user in Thailand said his phone exploded while taking a call. Kirsten Zastrow reported the Anker replacement battery in her Nexus S phone exploded when recharging it at night. Wu Jiantong fell into a coma after being shocked by his iPhone4, while Ma Ailun complained she received an electric shock when taking a call while her phone was charging.

Always answer when opportunity knocks, but use caution when receiving incoming calls.

Photo: Paperblog
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