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Foreigner Charged RMB 2,700 for a Ride in a Fake Taxi in Beijing

Posted: 06/22/2014 8:00 am

fake taxiA foreigner new to China was charged RMB 2,700 ($434 US) for a taxi ride from Beijing International Airport to Tanggu, Tianjin, reports the Beijing Evening Report.

A US citizen identified only as “Nick” revealed in an interview that he thinks he has been taken advantage of by a “black cab“, a common local term for an unlicensed taxi.

Described as a “laowai” by China Daily, Nick said this was his first time in China, and that he doesn’t speak Chinese. As there was no one to pick him up at the Beijing airport, Nick decided that he would make the trip to Tanggu by himself.

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After getting off the plane and into the airport terminal, Nick was approached by a man who offered to give him a ride. This man spoke English, and was able to gain Nick’s trust. As Nick was doubtful that other taxi drivers would be able to speak English, Nick enlisted the help of this man and gave him the address.

Upon entering the vehicle, Nick thought that the car was an authentic taxi except for not having a meter. Nick can’t remember the brand of the taxi, but it may have been sporting a Dazhong license.

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Upon arriving, however, Nick realized the car wasn’t a real taxi, but paid the fare all the same without bartering. He also received a bill marked as being from the Beijing Shouqi Joint Limited Taxi Company, but looks to be a fake.

A RMB 400 tip was included in the RMB 2,700 fare.

The distance between Beijing International Airport and Tanggu, Tianjin is less than 200 km. If taken in a regulation taxi, the trip should cost no more than RMB 1000 ($161 US).


Photo: Hebei News


Guangzhou to Receive Renovated Train Station, New Bus Lanes

Posted: 04/10/2014 2:08 pm

guangzhou train station

The new and extended subway and trolley lines we told you about yesterday aren’t the only planned improvements to Guangzhou’s infrastructure. The City Formerly Known as Canton is looking to change up its image by revitalizing with speed and convenience.

The Guangzhou Railway Station is turning 40 today, and like any other person suffering from a mid-life crisis, the venerable Communist infrastructure will be getting a face lift after having been through so many different eras of prosperity.

The National Development and Reform Commission jointly announced with the Guangzhou Railway Group that the railway station will undergo extensive reconstruction in 2016 to allow for high-speed rail service and other improvements, NewsGD reported.

The ambitious plan will see the main terminal building rebuilt, and the construction of an additional nine to twenty platforms. The extensive renovations can only begin two years from now because a detour to allow freight trucks to circumvent the railway station will be required to be built first.

Furthermore, Guangzhou may soon see the addition of dedicated bus lanes. The city is now welcoming proposals to construct bus lanes to the downtown core as well as to the city’s outlying area.

In other developments regarding the proliferation of fast and easy transportation in Guangzhou, there have been mounting complaints against the growing number of “black cabs” that haunt Guangzhou East Railway Station, a problem claimed to be ignored by authorities.

Photo: Chinanews

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