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The Nanfang is on WeChat!

Posted: 08/26/2013 6:01 pm

The Nanfang has been on Facebook and Twitter for quite some time, but neither of these services are available in China without a VPN.  For Mainland China, we’ve been sharing our stories on our official Weibo account.

But that misses one of the fastest-growing social networks in China at the moment: Weixin/WeChat. Today we’re happy to announce we’re finally live on WeChat.  You can follow us using the QR code below, or by searching for the account named The Nanfang.

We’ll be sharing a selection of stories and must-see events on our WeChat account, so follow us!

We’re also getting our mobile site in order just in time. The mobile version of The Nanfang works decently well on iOS devices, but there are still some bugs on Android. Hang in there, as our development team is working on it and you’ll notice changes in the coming weeks.


Suspects arrested for gang raping 17 year-old in Guangdong after meeting on WeChat

Posted: 03/28/2013 2:17 pm

Seven suspects, ranging in age from 15 to 28, have been arrested on suspicion of gang raping a 17 year-old girl in Guangdong Province’s Kangjiang City in January, Xinhua reports.Two more suspects are on the run.

The girl, Miss Mo, met the ringleaders of the gang, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Liu, 17, on Tencent’s WeChat service. The service is notoriously popular with people wanting to hook up.

On January 24 at around 9 p.m. Miss Mo met with Mr. Zhang in person for only the second time near Anpu Culture Square. Along with Mr. Liu, Mr. Zhang took her on his motorbike to a reservoir in Anzhai Village.

Upon arriving there, an estimated nine men gang raped Miss Mo, according to the local Public Security Bureau.

After being taken back to Anpu at around 1 a.m. on January 25, Miss Mo went to an internet bar where she told a friend about the incident. The friend then told her father who encouraged her to go to the police.

Image, from another gang rape case, courtesy of Sohu

Seven arrests have been made but Mr. Zhang and one more suspect are still on the run. Mr. Liu, 17, and Mr. Yan, 15, are minors so, if convicted, will receive a lighter sentence than others such as the 28 year-old Mr. Wen.

And let this serve as a reminder:  be careful about who you meet from WeChat.


Watch: Prostitutes in China get a lesson in using Momo, WeChat to lure clients

Posted: 02/28/2013 11:22 am

A video has been leaked online of prostitutes in an unknown location in China receiving a lecture on how to increase their customer base, and even more importantly, how to find high-calibre customers.

No talking at the back.

Like many classes, it involved a stern teacher and a couple of students giggling and whispering at the back. This particular lecture included a screen that may have been a PPT and focused on how to use social media services such as Momo, WeChat and Sina Weibo.

The bespectacled lecturer also emphasized the importance of using a photoshopped picture to attract customers’ interest, stressing the value of having an ovular face and attractive eyes.

The points on the whiteboard also included a reminder that students should maintain contact with their higher-level customers and avoid wasting time on “diaosi,” an internet slang word for loser.

Attentive students.

The video has been forwarded well over 1,000 times on Sina Weibo and watched over 1 million times. One Sina Weibo user said: “Life is all about selling. We all need to learn to sell ourselves.” Another said “The corporate training industry really is frighteningly competitive nowadays.” Another said: “Does this mean the women I’ve been chatting with on Momo are all hookers?”


Beware: WeChat (Weixin) random hookup results in scam in Dongguan

Posted: 11/21/2012 3:00 pm

(drawing by Li Yong)

WeChat, also known as Weixin, has been growing like a bad weed in China these days.  The iOS and Android app is now being used by more than 200 million people, and is the pick-up tool of choice for many laowai in China because it facilitates chatting with nearby strangers.

Given how ubiquitous the tool has become, it’s not surprising that a scam has finally surfaced.  Users in Dongguan are being warned after a woman met up with a stranger she had chatted with on the service in April this year. The stranger then threatened her and demanded she hand over her bank card, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

The woman, who works in a hotel, was invited by a Weixin contact to meet up and have a chat. In the end, she met an accomplice of a criminal surnamed Lu, who comes from Hubei Province and ran a restaurant with another man Jian before it went out of business.

Unable to support themselves, Lu and Jian set up a criminal gang. As part of the arrangement, Lu’s girlfriend and brother used Weixin to meet and then steal from strangers.

Police say there have been six similar cases in Dongguan this year involving rape, theft and blackmail.

Police explained that because Weixin is newer than rival services such as QQ, it is poorly policed. They warned residents to be vigilant when using the service, and not to meet strangers who refused to identify themselves or asked to borrow things.

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