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Viral Video of the Day: No-Hands Pants Dance Is the New “Deal With It”

Posted: 07/1/2014 10:47 am

no hands pants dance final countdownPeople of the internet: today is an excellent day not just because it’s the 93rd anniversary of the Communist Party of China, nor the 17th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong back to China, but because the Chinese internet has been blessed by receiving what hopes to be the start of its very own “Deal with it” meme.

Youtube user “Had Enough?” has a comedy channel where he recently published the following video. In it, he miraculously puts on pants without using his hands:

We’ve seen GIFs of “Had Enough?”‘s exceptional ability, but the real appreciation comes with the epic background accompaniment of Final Countdown as he stretches his hands in preparation.

no hands pants dance final countdown

While we stare slack-jawed in amazement at the 1% who put their pants on both legs at a time, we should keep in mind that this video is a challenge to everyone who watches it. The title at the beginning reads:

The Highest Level of Competition Between Rivals
in “The Putting on of the Pants”

Also used as the title for the movie The Prestige, “The Highest Level of Competition Between Rivals” is a series of Youtube shorts in which “Had Enough?” completes silly feats, and then issues a challenge, seen here at the end of the video.

Putting on pants without using hands: can you?

no hands pants dance final countdownUpon success, “Had Enough?” adopts a kung-fu pose as Final Countdown starts up again. At this point, pixelated sunglasses that float down from above seems so millennial.

no hands pants dance final countdown

no hands pants dance final countdown


Photos: screenshots from Youtube

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