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Teacher in Dongguan slaps misbehaving first-grader four times, knocking out two teeth

Posted: 03/3/2013 12:55 pm

The bad behaviour of a first-grader was too much for one teacher in Dongguan, who proceeded to smack him, sending him to the hospital with two fewer teeth than he started his day with.

Here’s how the incident went down.  The student, only identified by his surname Li, from Daojiao Century School, was doing what children do in the classroom sometimes – he was messing about with his friends.

The teacher asked him to pay attention, but the boy ignored the instructions.  This incurred the teacher’s further wrath, so the boy was called to the front of the classroom where she slapped him four times.

On seeing blood, the teacher is said to have contacted the boy’s mother immediately, but she lied about what happened to protect herself. She claimed she accidently hit the student while measuring up his uniform.

It was only later that the boy revealed what actually happened.

Shanghai Daily reports:

The school principal said while the boy did misbehave, the school does not condone such punishment by its teachers.

The teacher has been reprimanded and has had her monthly bonus taken away.

The principal said the school would transfer the boy to another class and discuss compensation with his parents.  The boy ended up having his two front teeth removed in the hospital.

This is by no means the worst case of child abuse. One teacher was jailed for six-and-a-half years for dropping a child on their head as punishment.

Here’s a reminder of how bad that incident was:

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