Journalist given access to Shenzhen factory to see iPad being made

The tech websites have been atwitter about a new video which has surfaced showing the creation of one of Apple’s popular iPad tablets.

Apple PR, which is facing heavy criticism over its labour relations in China, gave the journalist access to its factory floor to see the iconic product being made.

Marketplace Journalist Rob Schmitz was the chosen journalist, according to a report from Australia:

Schmitz reported every single part of an iPad is fastened by a worker in seconds, and repeated hundreds of times a day.

He said the factory is separated into working groups which are each responsible for different parts of the iPad – from the chip, the motherboard and the battery to the touch screen.

Schmitz called the work hypnotic, and their movements engineered to be efficient as possible.

“At the end of each line, workers box up iPads as fast as they can,” he said.

“After timing several lines, I arrived at a very rough estimate: one new iPad every two seconds. It’s believed that Apple makes between $200 and $300 off each iPad. If that’s true, the people in this room help Apple make more than $10 million in pure profit, each day.”

We’ve posted the video below.  Unfortunately it’s from YouTube, so you may need a VPN to access it.

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