Shenzhen man busted for theft of 800K RMB in gold bling

From Shenzhen News, a truck driver responsible for transporting parcels for China Post was caught twice last year pocketing goods marked for shipment, including the contents of one parcel filled with several hundred thousand RMB worth of gold jewelry.

The driver, Yang, was recently sentenced by a Shenzhen court to 4.5 years in prison and given a 3,000 RMB fine.

Guangzhou native Yang, now 37, was previously employed by a freight transport company based in Shenzhen entrusted with transporting goods from the China Post Logistics Center in Guangzhou to Shantou.

On March 31, 2011, Yang gained unauthorized access to one shipping warehouse, helping himself to the contents of a package originating in Urumqi and containing 2,159 grams of gold jewelry. Experts retained by the court appraised the stolen golden goods as worth 804,000 RMB.

Then on January 28 this year, Yang picked up another package, this one on its way from Ningxia to Shenzhen and containing 78 Chinese brand mobile phones worth 24,300 RMB.

Yang was found out after his company’s Shenzhen office launched an investigation, and later turned himself in to police at the urging (and physical accompaniment) of his fellow postal services workers.

According to Shenzhen News, turning himself in and the return of the stolen goods landed Yang a lenient sentence.

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