How far would you go to save a monkey?

How cute would an animal have to be to inspire an old man to lick its butt? Wuhan Evening News was told that a small monkey in Wuhan made his keeper do just that on Monday.

Zhang Bangsheng, who is an expert on monkeys, spoke to the paper on Monday. Zhang, who’s in his fifties, was washing the 3-month baby presbytis francoisi with warm water, then began to lick its anus with his tongue until finally a small piece of feces came out. Looking at the feces, Zhang smiled with relief.

It is said that the baby monkey is the first presbytis francoisi the zoo has kept in decades. Presbytis francoisi, a national protected species, is a rare primate from Guangxi and Guizhou provinces.

On the second day of the Labor Day holiday, Zhang discovered the monkey was constipated after swallowing a whole peanut without chewing. The monkey’s life would be in danger if it could not pass the peanut quickly. The monkey is too young to take a laxative so the only method was to directly stimulate its sphincter.

Source: Wuhan Evening News

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