Citizens sue over unreasonable toll fees

In early 2010, lawyer Sun Nong sent a letter to Zhuhai Road and Bridge Management Office asking for information regarding expenditure of toll revenue at roads, bridges and tunnels. Sun learned that 11 roads, bridges and tunnels, started charging tolls in 1994, and thus by law were obliged to stop charging permanently in 2009.

However, Guangdong Price Bureau (PB) and Transportation Department (TD) authorized the piloting of a new toll system which started December 31, 2011 and will continue until December 31, 2012, which triggered Sun, with the support of many fellow motorists to sue the PB and TD, according to New Express.

The case was heard by Guangzhou Medium Court Monday afternoon. Zhou Runfan, one of the motorists, told reporters that he “feels more optimistic than before”.

Zhou emphasized that the outcome is not the most important thing. “My goal is to make 300 millions car owners aware of their rights,” said Zhou.

Source: Sina

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