Crime round-up: Heyuan youths rob passerby, three post-90s men caught with 30cm long saber

Three young boys were detained last Saturday after confessing to commit armed robbery, Guangzhou’s Xin Kuai Daily reports.

In the early hours of April 12, Heyuan patrolmen saw three men flee as a police car approached them. The three men are all post-90s. Police also found a 30cm length saber which had been hidden by one of them, and they were later caught and detained.

They confessed that they planned to rob a man and two girls when they passed by, and explained that they just wanted to “get some pocket money”. The investigation is ongoing.

Another related story also happened in Heyuan. Last mouth, two men robbed a convenience store (CVS) in early morning.

One of robbers used to be a worker in another branch of this CVS,  he left the store because he couldn’t stand heavy work. Facing the embarrassed living conditions, he picked up his chopper.

Xin Kuai Daily
Heyuan Municiple Public Security Bureau

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