Man in Shenzhen gives tips on how to charm women in China

Guan Yu, a man who trains young men in how to charm attractive women, has been offering three day courses in Luohu District, Shenzhen Metropolis Television reported Saturday.

In the news report, Guan (pictured, right) is first seen explaining to two female passers-by that he likes the way they carry themselves and would like to get to know them. When discussing his rationale, Guan explained that there is a tried and tested method for how to charm women, saying that one establishes whether there is an attraction as soon as eye-contact is made, and that after that, a man should wait three seconds and then begin a conversation.

Xiao Hui, originally from Guangdong Province, took the course because he feels nervous around attractive women. One of Guan’s teaching methods was to stand Xiao in front of a mirror and ask him to examine his own demeanor.

Another participant, Xiao Chao, explained that he was not taking the classes because he could not find a girlfriend. He had been in a relationship before, but he felt unable to charm genuine beauties, he explained.

Guan Yu has a Sina Blog in which he goes into further detail about his methods and his success.

Young Chinese men are living through a particularly difficult time in the country’s history in which to attract a woman. As well as a gender imbalance that continues to grow, many women require their prospective husbands to own a house and a car. This new materialism was best illustrated in 2010, when a female contestant on dating show “If You Are The One,” rejected a less wealthy man by saying, “It is better to cry in the back of a BMW than smile on a bicycle.”

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