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Guangzhou Cafeteria Worker Caught Taking Bites of Food, Serving It

Posted: 09/22/2014 12:00 pm

guangzhou cafeteria of the Guangzhou Communications Technical School hygiene

Things were already terrible for the Guangzhou Communications Technical School when one of its staff members with less-than-ideal hygiene standards was caught on camera, reports Sina News.

A student of the school recorded the shenanigans on the morning of September 16. A cafeteria worker is seen in the video in a white chef’s hat chewing on a bone she took from a pot of soup. Then she tossed the bone back into the soup.

guangzhou cafeteria of the Guangzhou Communications Technical School hygiene

The school has released a statement saying that these workers are all outsourced and will be replaced immediately, which is a common response in these types of situations.

guangzhou cafeteria of the Guangzhou Communications Technical School hygiene

The head of the school said the No. 3 cafeteria in Baiyun district has a rigid standard of behaviour. Students are only served simple soups like seaweed or tomato and egg, whereas menu items containing meat, like chicken soup, is reserved for teachers and cafeteria staff. As the principal said, “Therefore, the students could never have eaten this soup.

Which brings up another question: why can teachers – and not students – have meat in their soup?

guangzhou cafeteria of the Guangzhou Communications Technical School hygiene

Here’s the video:

Photos: Yang Tse Evening Report


Guangzhou’s Subway Map To Soon Look Like Tokyo’s

Posted: 09/17/2014 6:07 pm

guangzhou foshan metro map 2018 subway

To call this tentative plan for the 2018 combined subway systems of Guangzhou and Foshan ”ambitious” would be to describe “humongous” as “partially hefty”.

By 2018, the Guangzhou and Foshan subway systems will have seven interchange stations, Foshan will boast a total of eight subway lines, and Guangzhou will have a staggering 23.

To put things in perspective, the Guangzhou Metro currently has nine lines whereas Foshan only has one.

This map shows lines that are planned for construction and those currently being developed. As reported by the Zhujiang Times, not all lines are 100 percent confirmed. (Click here for a high resolution map)

Guangzhou has three new lines currently being developed in conjunction with the extension of three existing lines, while Foshan is working on two new lines with one line extended.

Guangzhou metro long term plan map

The 2018 map is very similar to the “long-term plan” posted by the Urban Planning Bureau of Guangzhou back in 2010. (Seen above; click here for the high resolution version)

We’ll have to note that completed subway lines 2 through 8 for the Foshan Metro are actually scheduled for 2020 and beyond, so it doesn’t look like everything will be in place by 2018. In any case, you’d better charge up your cellphone for some serious subway commuting in the near future.

Photos: Zhujiang Times, Wikipedia


Police Officer Shot Twice in Guangzhou Shootout [UPDATED]

Posted: 09/17/2014 8:49 am

guangzhou shooting nantian road gun battle

A police officer and civilian were injured following a shootout with a suspected drug dealer in a Guangzhou alley near Nantian Road in Haizhu District, reports CCTV.

The suspect, described as a “white powder auntie”, was doing drugs with a group of people when spotted by police. The confrontation between police and the suspects escalated into a gunfight according to an eyewitness.

A civil police officer was shot twice in the abdomen. Another bystander sustained minor injuries. As of 9pm on September 16, Nantian Road was still on lockdown in both directions.

Several SWAT teams and firefighters were seen in the area. Xie Xiaodan, the Guangzhou Deputy Mayor and Chief of Police, is reportedly presiding over the scene.

guangzhou shooting nantian road gun battleguangzhou shooting nantian road gun battleguangzhou shooting nantian road gun battle

UPDATE 3:50 September 17: The standoff between police and the suspect ended when police raided a second-story apartment and shot to death the suspect inside, reports Sina Weibo.

The raid occurred around midnight in which SWAT police officers broke down the door to suspect Wang’s apartment, and shot her.

The civilian that had accompanied a civilian police officer and had been described as sustaining minor injuries is now reported dead.

Another updated piece of information is that police officer Li Yun had sustained three gunshot wounds, and not two as earlier reported. Li is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

Photos: Beijing Youth Report, Sina Guangdong, CCTV, Yangcheng Evening Report


Guangzhou Has Deported 768 Foreigners So Far This Year

Posted: 09/8/2014 10:30 am

Life is getting tougher for foreigners in China, whether it’s something as simple as more restricted access to western TV shows online or tougher visa regulations.

We have been reporting for a while now that Guangzhou has been cracking down on foreigners in the city, specifically visitors from Africa. One report said half of the 200,000 African expats in Guangzhou are there illegally.

No matter where you’re from, make sure you have a valid visa and working permit, because Guangzhou isn’t messing around when it comes to deportations.

So far this year, the city announced it has either detained or deported 768 foreigners for things like expired passports, overstaying visas, illegal entry, and other criminal acts. The city remains one of the most popular destinations for visitors from other countries, with more than three million foreigners arriving or leaving the city this year.

The report says Guangzhou is currently home to 86,000 foreigners.


Man “Reeking of Alcohol” Goes on Knifing Spree in Guangzhou

Posted: 09/6/2014 1:38 pm
guangzhou baiyun shijing street

Shijing Street in Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

A man police describe as “reeking of alcohol” attacked six people with a knife in Guangzhou yesterday, reports Sina Guangdong.

Yesterday at around 6pm, Baiyun District police were called to an incident on Shijing Street nearby a shoe factory in which a man was reported to be chasing after pedestrians and attacking them with a knife.

After subduing the suspect, the victims were transferred to hospital for medical treatment. None are described as being in life-threatening condition. Three victims were discharged from the hospital the same night.

The suspect is a 40 year-old man named Zhou originally from Hubei Province.

No word on the motive for the crime.

Photo: gz.City8


Guangzhou Home to Largest African Expat Population in Asia, Many Illegal

Posted: 09/1/2014 4:08 pm

An African woman in Guangzhou’s Xiaobei Road, known to the locals as the “chocolate city”.

The African community residing in Guangzhou is now the largest in Asia, which is presenting another set of problems for Chinese immigration agents: up to half of the Africans in the city are apparently there illegally, according to a study released by the Guangzhou Developmental Academy of Guangzhou University.

The study, released last week, said Guangzhou is now home to more than 200,000 people from Africa, but up to half of them are sanfei foreigners or “three illegals”; that means they either illegally entered, are staying or working illegally in China.

In 2007, Guangdong authorities arrested 7,000 sanfei foreigners and detained more than 700 people. In 2008, the number swelled to 13,000, of which “Africans account for a large share”, the report said. The crime rate among the sanfei foreigners has been on the rise, and the report claims drug-related crimes alone accounted for nearly 60 percent.

Two African persons walking outside of a clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou.

As well, the study linked the city’s African community with “mass incidents”, a euphemism for protests, and other social vices including rape, AIDS and childbirth out of wedlock that “affect Guangzhou residents’ social life and the city’s social stability”.

On the flip side, African immigrants have contributed to the city’s burgeoning economy, and are heavily involved in business and trade with their home countries. Many have married Chinese wives and plan to stay long term.

In 2012, a large-scale protest erupted in the city after a Nigerian man died mysteriously in police custody. In mid-July of 2009, hundreds of Africans protested in front of a police station in Guangzhou after a Nigerian man jumped from second floor to escape a surprise immigration raid.

Africans first started to immigrate in large numbers to the city in the 90s drawn by Guangdong’s manufacturing industries. Clustering in Xiaobei Road, Huanshi Road and Sanliyuan, many Africans buy cheap clothes and electronics and export them to Africa.


Photos: Nandu, AFP


Guangzhou Escalator Suddenly Speeds Up Creating a Pile of Hurt Bodies

Posted: 08/27/2014 3:44 pm

guangzhou train station escalator malfunctionEleven people were sent to hospital yesterday when an escalator at the Guangzhou East Railway Station malfunctioned, causing a pile-up of 20 people, reports Southern Metropolis Guangzhou.

The escalator in the No. 6 underpass to the train station unexpectedly accelerated during a early morning rush of passengers at around 6am on August 26.

Some people were able to quickly run away from the escalator to try and make their trains, but those who couldn’t escape suffered some painful injuries.  gz train station escalator malfunction 01

Eleven victims were sent to hospital and all are said to be in stable condition. The majority of the victims had skin abrasions and lacerations, and were discharged shortly afterwards.

Emergency Room Director Zeng Yuhui said that two patients had more serious injuries and were required to be admitted overnight. Both are children: one has broken bones while the other requires stitches for deep cuts.

Mr Huang was at the scene:

We were on the escalator when it suddenly sped up. I hadn’t even reacted when I got crushed inside a mass of people. One of the children that fell down had her face cut by a luggage case, and my niece suffered serious injuries when she had her ear torn away.

The escalator involved in incident has been shut down. The railway station says it will look into what happened.

guangzhou train station escalator malfunction

Photos: Southern Metropolis Guangzhou, Money 163


Random Knife Attack In Downtown Guangzhou Sends Eight People to Hospital

Posted: 08/22/2014 12:13 pm

tianhe district guangzhou knife attackA knife attack in Guangzhou on Thursday evening sent as many as eight people to hospital, reports Reuters.

A man attacked several people on the street with a knife before being subdued by police shortly after 7pm near Kemulang West Road in Tianhe District at the intersection of Lanyuan Street and Lanyuan New Street.

Reports listing the number of injured victims have varied, with reporting six injured, Reuters reporting seven and iFeng reporting eight.

The injured were sent to Guangzhou Armed Police Hospital for medical treatment. None of their injuries are said to be life-threatening. The ages of the victims range from 19 to 55. The majority of the injuries were either head or hand injuries.

tianhe district guangzhou knife attack

The suspect is said to be a 32 year-old man from Hunan named Fan. Victims say he began slashing people without saying anything or without any expression on his face. A motive isn’t known yet. Fan is in hospital now with injuries to his head.

Although the investigation by police is still in progress, it has been revealed to the media that a history of mental illness or inebriation may have been a factor.

tianhe district guangzhou knife attack


Photos: hc360


Dengue Fever Spreading Fast in Guangzhou: Here Are The Top Infected Areas

Posted: 08/18/2014 5:55 pm

mosquito biteGuangzhou is dealing with an outbreak of dengue fever that has currently infected 400 people since the first case in June, reports Sina News. Yuexiu District accounts for over half of all cases, but it has spread throughout the city. Dongshan Street in Yuexiu is the hardest hit, followed by Baiyun District and Dagang County in Nansha. The infection area has widened from 33 streets on August 3 to 52 streets last week.

There have been no reported fatalities so far.

Dengue fever, also known as breakbone fever, is spread by mosquitoes. Symptoms of the disease include fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and a skin rash similar in appearance to measles. While rare, the disease can become fatal in cases when it escalates to become dengue hemorrhagic fever, or dengue shock syndrome.

Huang Fuchu, director of the Yuexiu District health bureau, said, “According to the situation of the past few years, the epidemic this year has just commenced. The peak will come in the future. Therefore, it might prove more difficult to control the disease than we imagined.”

The Health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province identified the origin of the outbreak to be Dagang, Nansha where 41 cases had been recorded as of July 11. The health bureau says there are 250 confirmed cases, 129 suspected cases, and 21 imported cases in Guangzhou as of August 13.

A breakdown by area shows Yuexiu District has 191 cases, Nansha with 97, Baiyun with 48, Haizhu with 33, Liwan with 18 cases, and Panyu with six.

Several local activities designed to educate the public about the dangers of dengue fever have been encouraging residents to guard themselves against mosquito bites as well as to get rid of stagnant pools of water.

Photo: Nature World News



1cm-Long Pig’s Tooth Ends Up in Guangzhou Woman’s Lunch

Posted: 08/15/2014 9:07 am

The pig tooth found in A Ming’s lunch take-out (right)

In addition to the long list of hair, bugs, flies and even condoms found in meals while splurging on street food, a pig tooth is the latest free addition that came with a cheap lunch take-out.

A woman in Guangzhou found the chomper in her lunch from a local restaurant, reported Guangzhou Daily on August 14.

The woman, named Ah Ming, ordered take-out for pork ribs and egg-wrapped rice from a nearby diner in Zhujiang New City. After just a few bites, Ah Ming felt a twinge in her mouth, and spitted out a suspicious “hard material” only to find it was an intact gross-looking tooth.

Several of Ah Ming’s lunch pals vomited at the sight of this 1cm-long tooth that they suspected to be human. Ah Ming sent the tooth to a nearby dental clinic and found that it was a in fact a pig’s tooth.

The owner of the diner explained that the tooth might have accidently dropped into the dish while chopping the meat. Nonetheless, they refunded Ah Ming’s cost for lunch.

Photos: Guangzhou Daily

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