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Zhuhai Mother Blasted For Tethering Her Son With A Chain

Posted: 10/10/2014 10:00 am

A mother in Zhuhai unknowingly caused an uproar after she was photographed using iron chains to tether her 9 year-old son, China News reported on October 6.

Photos of the incident were immediately uploaded to the Internet by a Weibo user who claimed to be an eyewitness. The post quickly became a hot topic online, and prompted a police investigation. The witness said blood could be seen around the boy’s neck.

By the end of the day, Gongbei Port Police found the mother in question. The police said the woman, a single mother named Huang, alleged that her son had run away from home several times. The latest incident happened on October 5. After finding her son, she decided to chain him up to prevent him from running away again.

Although Huang has attracted a lot of criticism online for her parenting, some have offered sympathy. As one commenter pointed out, the only thing besides a metal chain that could possibly prevent today’s kids from running away from home is a computer.

One user wrote, “Kids who don’t listen to parents are really a headache. My nephew has run away from home so many times. It has taken a huge toll on our family. Now we’ve bought him a computer, and that seems to have helped. But not long ago, the computer broke down, and he started running away from home again. Sigh, perhaps giving him what he likes is the only solution”.

Photos: Weibo


Speed Boat Carrying Illegal Border Crossers to Guangdong Sinks [UPDATED]

Posted: 09/10/2014 7:27 am

speed boatA speed boat illegally entering into Mainland China has sunk off the coast of Zhuhai. One person has been rescued but nine remain missing, reports CCTV.

The ship sank sometime around four o’clock yesterday morning (September 9) about a nautical mile off Zhuhai’s shore in Guangdong Province. Nine people on board were passengers, while one was the ship’s captain.

The sole survivor said everyone aboard the ship were mainland Chinese, and they were trying to get themselves from Macau back to the Mainland. Only six out of the ten people aboard were wearing a life preserver at the time of the ship’s sinking.

The boat is registered in Hong Kong, and is a seven meter-long watercraft.

An ongoing search for the missing people includes the border police, the fisheries department, the marine police, and the No. 1 contingent of the South China Sea Aviation support unit.

UPDATE 10:46am September 9: As of 10am this morning, there has been no new developments to this story, Xinhuanet reports.

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Zhuhai Students Treated to Porn on the Big Screen During Lunch

Posted: 09/9/2014 8:28 am

Students huddled around under the TV screen after it started to broadcast explicit pornographic video content.

Just a few days ahead of China’s traditional Mid-autumn Festival, a school in Zhuhai gave the students something to talk about over the holiday.

Last Friday, a graphic pornographic video was played on the Peking University Experimental School cafeteria’s TV in Zhuhai, Guangzhou Daily reported. Founded by China’s elite Peking University, the incident has not reflected terribly well upon the school’s reputation.

While it’s uncertain how long the pornographic content was on TV before the school’s staff turned it off, the school claims it happened “immediately”. Unfortunately, in this case “immediately” was enough time for a number of students to take explicit screenshots and post them to WeChat.

One such screenshot was captioned “OMG! Peking University experimental school’s cafeteria is so liberal. (It) even comes with AV (adult video)!” The images posted by the students showed explicit sex scenes, according to a teacher at the school surnamed Chen, who discovered what the students had circulated on WeChat.

The school claims that a “malicious student” managed to upload the video to the cafeteria’s TV via WiFi. What has left readers baffled is how exactly the student used WiFi to upload the video to a TV controlled by the school’s staff. While the school was unable to provide an explanation, perhaps the student consulted with the Zhongshan Fuye Square employee who “accidentally” broadcast Western porn on the public square’s huge LED screen. After all, these things happen.

Photos: China News


Chinese Police Catch Taiwanese Fraud Suspect On The Run for 16 Years

Posted: 09/8/2014 10:00 am

Two Taiwanese suspects arrested by mainland police.

A Taiwan-born suspect who fled the island 16 years ago has been arrested by police in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China News reported on September 7.

The suspect, identified by his surname Guo, is accused of fraud involving RMB 36 million and has been on the Fujian Police Department’s wanted list since 1998, said the city’s Gongbei police at a press briefing on September 6.

Guo was also listed on China’s “Hunting Fox 2014”, a police operation that targets suspects of white collar crime on the run overseas. Guo was arrested on August 30 in one of the city’s residential areas. In addition, a Macau-born suspect hiding in China was also arrested on the same day in the city, the report said.

On the back of improved cross-strait relations, a 2009 extradition treaty signed between the Mainland and Taiwan has been extremely effective at helping coordinate police raids, extradite criminals, combat fraud, drug-smuggling and counterfeit currency, reported AFP. Since the signing of the agreement, nearly 6,000 suspects have been arrested, including the infamous Chang An-lo, also known as the “white tiger”, a gang leader who was extradited to Taiwan in 2013.

As a result of the treaty, Taiwan’s fraud cases have dropped 54.3 percent from 38,802 cases worth NT$10.27 billion in 2009 to 17,744 cases worth NT$3,77 billion last year, the news agency said.




Cult or Persecution? Religious Group in Zhuhai Raided by Police

Posted: 08/8/2014 12:15 pm

huazang dharma raid zhuhai cult relgion

In light of the brutal murder committed at a McDonald’s in May, China appears to be acting tough on wayward religious extremist groups. However, a recent police raid on one religious group has drawn mixed reporting from media outlets inside and outside China.

On July 29, police in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province staged a coordinated raid on the businesses and living compounds of Huazang Dharma, an “evil cult” as labelled by the Chinese media. A total of 60 people were investigated in the raid in which 15 people remain in detention, reports China Daily.

The Huazang Dharma is suspected by police of committing fraud and rape, among other crimes. Police have seized church propaganda and property as they continue their investigation.

The China Daily report specifically points out that Wu, addressed as His Holiness Vairocana Xing Wu by his followers, claims to be a reincarnated deity comprised of elements of Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and other religions.

Contrary to Chinese media reports, Sinosphere of the New York Times, offers a different perspective on the police raid.

Sinosphere reports that followers of the religious group claim 50 people were detained in the raid, including 20 children. They say 18 remain in detention, Wu Zeheng among them.

As of the article’s publishing on Tuesday, it was not clear to Sinosphere why police mounted the raid on Huazang Dharma. By that point, the government had not issued any public statements about the status of Huazang Dharma, and those investigated by police during the raid said authorities did not accuse the group of being a cult.

Wu Zeheng, identified only by his surname in the Chinese report, first established the Huazang Dharma in the 1990s and has had issues with the authorities on several occasions. He was arrested in 2000 and sentenced to eleven years in prison for financial crimes, while his followers say his imprisonment has to do with an open letter he wrote calling for more democracy and transparency.

Wu’s congregation is said to be growing within China and abroad.

Photo: Sinosphere


Add This Item to Your Unsafe China Food Lists: Bean Sprouts

Posted: 08/4/2014 8:58 am

poison bean sprouts dongguanThere’s more food that you should avoid as people try to earn a little more money by serving up poisoned food. Zhuhai police announced they have broken up a production ring that made and sold poisonous bean sprouts unsafe for human consumption, reports China News. Police made the bust on July 17, arresting 17 people at 11 locations.

The bean sprouts are said to have been produced using a rootless agent and AB powder. These compounds are not allowed to be used in food products, and are said to cause early maturation in children and change physiology in girls. As well, they are said to be cancerous.

This is the second police raid that has seized unsafe bean sprouts this past month. Thirty tons of bean sprouts were seized in a police raid in Shunde on July 9.

In other food safety news that is more positive, tofu and soy retail products must be packaged in Shenzhen when sold, reports the Shenzhen Evening Report.

Photo: China News


More Than 500 Bags Of Rotten Meat Found at Zhuhai Pizza Hut Restaurants

Posted: 07/24/2014 9:26 am

The Husi Food rotten meat scandal continues to spin out of control as the City of Zhuhai discovered rotten meat has been sent to local Pizza Hut restaurants.

After identifying 125 bags of questionable meat in two Pizza Hut restaurants in the city a few days ago, the Zhuhai Food and Drug Bureau found another 380 bags of expired meat stored at other local Pizza Hut restaurants, reported Nandu. The meat was destined to be used as Italian-style pork and charcoal-grilled Texas-style beef.

The first two Pizza Hut restaurants are in Jida and Xin Xiangzhou, but the locations of the other restaurants were not revealed in the report. The Zhuhai-based Pizza Hut restaurants said they had stopped selling the questionable meat after being notified by headquarters.

So far the food quality inspection agency has said it has not found any expired meat at the Zhuhai locations of McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Hua Lai Shi, or Papa John’s restaurants.

The rotten meat scandal was first brought to media attention on July 20 when a Shanghai TV station reported that the Shanghai-based food processing company Husi Food has been supplying out-of-date chicken, pork and beef to fast food chains.

The country has launched a nation-wide investigation into the scandal in which 1,250 tons of food has been seized.

Photos:Nandu; Xinhua


3-Year Old Struck By Random, Flying Tranquilizer Dart in Zhuhai

Posted: 07/2/2014 7:38 am

zhuhai needle girlIt seems nowhere is safe, not even in the arms of your own mother. That’s where a three-year old Zhuhai girl was when she was hit in the head with a dart filled with a mysterious substance, reports Southern Metropolis Daily.

At around 9:30pm on June 29, Mr Jia was driving home to Jianfeng Village, Jing’an County on his electric scooter with his wife and two children. When he was just about to turn right onto Jianfeng Front Road from Jiangwan Central Road, something flew out from across the road and struck his wife’s backpack with a huge noise. The sound was so loud that Jia thought the vehicle had hit something.

Upon stopping the bike and turning around, Jia saw that this daughter, Xiao Man, had a needle sticking out from the top of her head. After crying out once, she fell unconscious after about three seconds. Upon arriving at the hospital ten minutes later, Xiao Man stopped breathing and had no pulse. Her skin had turned purple and her pupils had dilated.

Dr Zhang Ying of the No.5 Auxiliary Zunyi Hospital alerted pediatrics, neurosurgery, brain surgery, and intensive care unit specialists. Within ten minutes, Xiao Man recovered her breathing, and regained consciousness within half an hour. She is currently recovering.

The object that pricked Xiao Man looks like a tranquilizer dart used on animals, and is armed with a needle that is one inch long. Police think it was shot by a crossbow.

Upon testing, the dart was discovered to contain succinylcholine, a compound used to induce muscle relaxation and short-term paralysis. Despite being listed on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, Dr Yang Ying says the drug is extremely rare in Zhuhai and used only under the strictest of conditions.

Our hospital doesn’t have it, and your average factory will have trouble getting it.

So far there are no suspects or witnesses.

Photo: Nandu


Just a Gigolo: Male Prostitutes Arrested in Zhuhai

Posted: 06/13/2014 9:24 am

Guangdong police busts an establishment for prostitution. Photo credit: Guangdong Police Department

Male prostitutes in Zhuhai who used the Internet to solicit clients are some of the more than 3,000 people arrested for prostitution-related crimes in the province.

Zhuhai police first discovered the ring in March when an online group named the “Zhuhai Cool Boys Club” caught their attention. Operating via an overseas Internet server, the club poses as a massage service provider, but under the table it was busy setting up its male sex workers with clients.

READ: Meet China’s Hugh Grant Sex Scandal Counterpart, Huang Haibo

After a month-long investigation, police discovered the club was using a bar called Mongkok Pub in Gongbei Xiawan District as a meeting place between male prostitutes and their patrons, China News reported on June 12.

The police raided the bar on May 9, arresting the owners surnamed Wu and Zhang. Six prostitutes were also apprehended at nearby hotels.

Ever since a CCTV reporter went undercover to expose Dongguan’s rampant sex trade in early February, Guangdong has carried out a zealous campaign to clamp down on prostitution. 3,553 establishments in the province were deemed illegal and 1,200 websites related to prostitution have been shut down.


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Zhuhai To Harness Ocean Waves at New Energy Park

Posted: 06/10/2014 8:00 am

wave energyZhuhai will be the home to a newly developed power plant that will employ the renewable energy of ocean waves, China Daily reports.

The “renewable energy trial park” will be one of three developed by 2016. The other two locations will be in Zhoushan, Zhejiang and Weihai, Shandong.

The Zhuhai park will harness the power of waves, and when complete, will be the location of a 300-kilowatt wave farm and test site. The Zhoushan site will harness tidal power, while the Weihai location will utilize both types of energy.

Deputy director of the science and technology department of the State Oceanic Administration Kang Jian said the three renewable energy parks will help speed up the commercial expansion of the wave and tidal power industry.

Guangdong Province has long been a place to develop new types of energy in China. Guangdong has three nuclear power plants in operation at Daya Bay, Lingao and Yangjiang; combining those in operation and under construction, the province has more nuclear reactors than anywhere else in China.


Photo: the GreenAge

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