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Dongguan Police Bust Underground Gambling Ring

Posted: 08/12/2014 12:30 pm

rmb money gamblingAn illegal gambling ring masquerading as a paper-manufacturing factory run by a Hong Konger was raided by Dongguan police on August 9 reported Nandu. This is the latest in a series of gambling-related arrests in Guangdong now totalling 58,154 people since the beginning of the year.

According to police, more than 40 gamblers, including the factory’s Hong Kong owner, were arrested in the raid. Hidden in Heng Li Town, the paper factory by day, gambling den by night, generated in excess of RMB 100,000 in daily bets.

The story came to light after a gambler, surnamed Wu, tipped off the police. Wu, a local company executive, lost thousands as a result of his addiction. He then watched as several of his employees who would accompany him to the gambling den followed suit. In a desperate attempt to fight his addiction, Wu reported the illegal ring to the local newspaper and assisted the police in the raid, according to the report.

In the first half of the year, Guangdong police filed 28,715 gambling-related cases, 1,651 of which were criminal in nature China News reported. Gambling was particularly rampant during the recent World Cup. One of the most talked about arrests was Guo Meimei, a controversial Internet celebrity. Guo was arrested in July for gambling and for her participation in the sex trade.

Photos: China News


Guangdong Woman Hacks Husband’s Suspected Mistress in Grizzly Attack

Posted: 08/1/2014 2:48 pm

revenge victim brutal assault affairIn a brutal case of revenge, a 27 year-old Jiangmen woman’s breasts were cut off and her reproduction organ badly mutilated by a former colleague after she suspected the victim was having an extramarital affair with her husband, Nandu reported on July 31. The suspect, surnamed Meng, has been arrested.

“According to forensics, the severed parts of the breasts can’t be attached, and the reproduction organ was seriously injured, resulting in severe body injuries,” a police source said.

On July 27 when Xiao Lin was about to leave her apartment, Meng appeared pepper-sprayed Xiao’s eyes, dragged her into her room, and tied her up. The ensuing crime lasted about 20 minutes, Xiao Lin later recalled.

Meng accused Xiao Lin of having an affair with her husband, Xiao Lin’s immediate boss in a factory in Jiangmen. Meng’s husband had apparently sent affectionate text messages to Xiao Lin. Meng called Xiao Lin about a month ago and threatened to kill her, according to the report. Xiao Lin did not take it seriously at the time.

The good news is Xiao Lin’s reproductive ability is expected to recover following treatment.

Photos: Nandu


Thief Ransacks 80 Classrooms, Leaves Snarky Note Behind for Students

Posted: 07/9/2014 11:08 am
bad teacher

Cameron Diaz stars in Columbia Pictures’ comedy “Bad Teacher.”

Normally we assume when a thief finishes stealing something, he or she would hurry away from the scene of the crime. However, that wasn’t the case for a 22 year-old man who left a snarky note on a blackboard after ransacking school property, asking students not to believe things taught by teachers.

According to a report by Southern Capital, a man surnamed Li from southwestern Sichuan Province stole cash, ID cards, hundreds of euros and other property worth of thousands of yuan from about 80 classrooms from three different high schools last year.

We don’t know if miserable school memories prompted him to leave a note on one of the classroom’s blackboards, but he obviously took his time to write, “All that is taught by teachers is wrong. Self-study is the key.”

Most of the classrooms were not locked and students’ valuable items were loosely put on their desks, which made the schools easy targets, the report said. The thief was finally arrested in Nanjing after being caught on security camera.

He’s been sentenced to four years and three months in jail by a district court in Guangzhou.


Drug-Riddled Guangdong Town Presents Challenge to Police

Posted: 06/25/2014 8:00 am

A police raid on Boshe village in December, 2013.

Like other Chinese provinces, Guangdong often launches ill-fated campaigns against corruption, prostitution or terrorism. While some campaigns enjoy moderate levels of success, when it comes to the drug trade, attempts at intervention have been less than stellar. Not to put too fine a point on it, the province’s Deputy Police Chief recently admitted that he is unable to eradicate drug production in Lufeng.

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“It will take arduous work over a long period to solve the problem of Lufeng. We are trying to use high-handed measures to clamp down on its drug trade. We hope to see a turning point in the second half of the year,” said Guo Shaobo, Deputy Head of Guangdong Police Department, China News reported.

Locally known as “the fortress”, Lufeng is responsible for one-third of all crystal meth production in China.

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Arrive in Shenzhen

Located on the coast of the South China Sea, Lufeng is notorious for its meth production. The city’s stronghold of Boshe village, nestled deep in the mountains, provides the perfect hideout for the family-run meth empire.

Suspects run at the first sign of police, while villagers intently watch for any movement on city outskirts. In some cases, villagers organize road barricades to block police from entering, Yangcheng Evening News reported.

The drug trade is an open secret in the village, given that the party chief and some corrupt police officials shield its drug production. In fact, the party chief was named the “biggest drug trafficker” in the region. More than one-fifth of all households are linked to drug production or trafficking, which is the only profitable livelihood for many villagers.

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Still, even to some experienced policemen, the extent of the village’s drug operation remains shocking. In December 2013, a massive police raid involving more than 3,000 policemen, using helicopters and speedboats, seized three tons of crystal meth and 23 tons of raw materials, South China Morning Post reported.

According to Guo, authorities in Guangdong have seized a total of 14.1 tons of drugs, with a street value of nearly RMB 160 million, since launching “Operation Thunder” in July 2013. The province has busted 320 criminal drug rings, arrested 20,403 people and dismantled 361 drug production bases. In addition to the traditionally known drugs, new drug varieties are surfacing, such as a new drug called Khat or African Tea.

Even with those impressive statistics, the Deputy Police Chief is less than optimistic about his department’s ability to stem the flow of drugs into Guangdong.


Photos: SCMP, China News


Shenzhen Driver Taunts Police Online, Police Post His Arrest Online

Posted: 05/28/2014 2:38 pm

This is a great story – a fable, if you will – told entirely in Weibo posts.

weibo shenzhen police post Weibo is a place where people like to have fun. The Shenzhen Traffic Police are just like you and me: they share their love of GIFs while trying to admonish the dangerous activities they depict, and reply to funny questions with funny answers.

bmw no zuo no die Weibo user MrCharlesChen is a also a guy who likes fun. And that’s what he was having when he posted a picture to Weibo at midnight on May 25 of himself driving with a beer can in his hand. He asked:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

Is drinking and driving at the same time against the law? @Shenzhen Traffic Police Have you caught any “tigers” tonight? [coylaughing.emo]

Yes. The account he was asking was the Shenzhen Traffic Police.

And while the Shenzhen Traffic Police has a history of joking around, they didn’t do so this time. Instead, they sent a short, terse message:

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
Put the beer down, and drive safely!

Such a reply didn’t deter MrCharlesChen, who posted the reply:weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

I’m going to open another one [elatedopenmouth.emo]

Netizens got in on the fun at this point. They combed through MrCharlesChen’s Weibo account, and found the following gem in his photo album from March 19, 2013:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

These past few days, I ran through about twenty red lights before I was finally caught @粤B374CC How’s this license for you? The next time you see this license plate, you’ll know it’s me [openmouthlaughing.emo]

Another photo found in MrCharlesChen’s album showed he was unrepentant towards his lawnessness by posting a screenshot of the driving violations he had incurred:weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

That’s fine, I still have six points (left on my license)


Sensing a change of merriment, MrCharlesChen changed his username to the very aptno zuo no die (classic)“, and deleted all the content in his Weibo account. Unperturbed, the Shenzhen traffic police said that they were going to find him all the same:

bmw no zuo no die

This guy changed his (username)

(Despite) changing a username, we still have to investigate.

MrCharlesChen finally signaled that he had enough fun:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

I was wrong. [tearspouringdown.emo] I am a stupid cunt.

However, the fun continued for netizens and police as they collaborated to find more information on MrCharlesChen:

Mr Chen-Jun:
Going to help out this so-called fellow classmate of Shenzhen University to remain at the back of the class…

Shenzhen Traffic Police (reply):
Thank you very much (for your contributions), we have already made screenshots.

The Shenzhen Traffic Police found that long list of traffic violations MrCharlesChen had boasted about:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

Shenzhen police put a stop to all the fun on May 26 by issuing a demand to MrCharlesChen to surrender himself at a traffic police station. And they did it by sending him a Weibo post:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

(Car with license plate 粤B374CC has made 16 driving violations) Through an investigation, it has been determined that Weibo user @MrCharlesChen (who has changed his username many times, and deleted his entire account) is a suspect wanted in connection with driving violations related to a BMW X1 vehicle with the license plate 粤B374CC that was first registered on March 5, 2013. To date, this vehicle has accrued a total of 16 violations, ten of which occurred in Shenzhen (nine counts of illegal stopping, one time for speeding) and six other violations occurring out of province. At present, ten points have been deducted from your license, leaving only six points left. According to traffic regulations, please hand over your car for confiscation and inspection.

But netizens would do one better and perform a human flesh search that turned up MrCharlesChen’s real name, work unit, picture, and residential address.

Shenzhen Traffic police were very amenable with their ultimatum by issuing helpful reminders:

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
If you do not arrive by 2pm, we will come to your residence. If there is a need, we will ask for the help of the “Uncles” in CID (Criminal Investigation Department).

And with the clock ticking:

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
One hour left.

MrCharlesChen finally did turn himself in. And, the police celebrated it with everyone online by posting his arrest on Weibo:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

And then they posted all of his personal credentials online:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

Of course, they censored anything personal about him but that was irrelevant, as his identity was already made public by the human flesh search.

Later that day, MrCharlesChen was very ponderous with his first post to Weibo ever since deleting his entire Weibo account:

Cherish life, don’t drink and drive. Living is not easy, cherish what you have when you’ve got it.

Yes, it would be much more poetic if he didn’t plagarize most of it. Outside in the parking lot, Shehzhen Traffic Police finally saw the car that they’d only seen online:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

But upon opening the trunk of the car, they found yet another familiar sight:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

That’s right, MrCharlesChen had driven to the police station to surrender himself and his car with two cases of beer in the back. He does like that Harbin beer, we see.

The moral would be very clear at this part of the story, except that it isn’t over.

With all of this having happened back in the distant past, meaning Monday of this week, some netizens still had lingering doubts. So one user recently posted this question to Shenzhen Traffic Police:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

“Uncle” traffic police, I want to know if drinking (soda pop) in the passenger seat is against the law

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
That’s fine, enjoy your drink. (Just remember,) too much will adversely impact your health! Just remember to do better than that brother from tomorrow.

Uh, “tomorrow”? They mean “yesterday”, don’t they?

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
Sorry, we meant ‘yesterday’

So while this may have been a very simple moral of “stupid is as stupid does”, the true moral of this fable is Weibo itself: no one ever forgets anything online. Not your hideous shame, your regretful mistakes, and not any one of your speiling mistakes.

Photo: Guangzhou PSB via Weibo (2, 3, 4, 5), Shenzhen Evening Report via Weibo


Shocking: The Brazen Capture of a Dog in Broad Daylight in Guangdong

Posted: 05/22/2014 1:16 pm

[Warning: this post contains material that some readers may find objectionable.]

So, you’re a liberated, tolerant person. You are an expat who doesn’t bristle at the chainsaw revving of a throat about to be cleared of its long branches of phlegm, nor do you mind queue-jumping nor the running for empty seats on the subway. Hey: when in Rome, right?

So when you hear about locals eating dogs, the shoulder just shrugs. The dog is an animal just like a pig or chicken; its use as a house pet is simply an urban affectation.

VIDEO: Dog in Heshan, Guangdong Snatched in Mere Seconds

But, have you ever wondered where fine establishments that serve dog receive their stock? Is there a free-range puppy farm on the outskirts of the city where dogs are allowed to friskily prance all day in order to make their meat more tender?

Maybe, but then again maybe not. This GIF is from a post made on the Guangzhou Police Weibo official account:guangzhou dognapping cruelty animal rights

The Guangzhou police reported a dog went missing on May 20 between the hours of 5 and 10am, whereas the time code in the video plainly reads 9:51am on Thursday, February 6, 2014. With such a discrepancy, we can’t definitively say which is correct, but that the video footage certainly depicts a stray dog cruelly being captured by a “poacher”, if the act of stealing free dogs from a public street in China is illegal (we’re guessing it isn’t).

We can’t say for sure what will happen to this dog. Maybe it will be given a new home at an orphanage. Maybe there’s a crisis involving a critical overabundance of sticks that need someone to play catch with. Or maybe it’s the culmination of our darkest fears.

Regardless, we don’t hold much hope for this dog’s future.

Photo: Weibo screenshot


PRD Today: Street Cleaner Hit Again, Property Sales Down, Huizhou Fire, and Rain Rain Rain

Posted: 05/8/2014 5:05 pm

PRD Today is our daily collection of links and stories from the Pearl River Delta and beyond.

Over the span of four days, three street cleaners have been struck by vehicles on Shenzhen streets leading to two deaths. The latest incident occurred early yesterday morning, when a street cleaner name Zhang was struck and killed. On May 4, a street cleaner was killed when a truck overturned. Another collision with a street cleaner was a hit-and-run incident in Bao’an District.

National real estate sales were down 30 percent over the Labor Day holiday. There were only 49 sales made in Shenzhen, a 36 percent drop from the 133 sales made at the same time last year.

There’s a trend in here, somewhere: The Guang Real Estate Group of Shenzhen has refuted rumors that it is about to close down while also admitting that they have not met key promises to its homebuyers. The group had twice been put on a blacklist by the Supreme People’s Court this past January.

huizhou fire college girls dormitoryA fire broke out at the foreign languages girls’ dormitory at Huizhou College last night at around 9pm. No injuries were reported, and the fire was extinguished within half an hour. An electrical charger is suspected as the source of the fire.

Elsewhere, firefighters rescue a cat trapped up a tall building at Wanxia road and Shekou Street in Shenzhen. It’s this type of ideal service to remind you that police fire warning shots into the air.

10 billion yuan in funds will be allocated towards rectifying the safety hazards of 304 villages in Guangdong Province over the next three years. The plan that will affect 982,000 residents and 5 million migrants will look to improve fire safety, water quality and drainage among other projects.

Performance art is best when hilarious: Two men act out the “toddler public pee dance” while astonished Chinese look on. For a five minute-long video, that’s a whole lot of pee.

Yuan Kejian, the Chairman and General Manager of Shenzhen Century Plaza Hotel, resigns after failing to fulfill his duties.

The Sino–French Business Forum will hold its second meeting at the Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich on May 15.

In Zengcheng, Guangdong, a woman named Ah Shan said she was violently raped by a gang of four men after she men a man named Xiao Dong on Weixin online. After she had suggested getting a room with Xiao Dong, he in turn mentioned this news to a few of his fellow villagers.

shenzhen subway bathroomPay to pee: If you need to use the bathroom at a Shenzhen metro station, it looks as though you’ll need to pay your fare to get in. That, or you can always use the bathroom outside, the one that is conveniently located everywhere.

Weather: rain is expected to keep falling throughout this upcoming weekend, making for a span of ten days of precipitation.

Photos: Weibo (2, ), Shenzhen News


Craving attention instead of pickles, pregnant woman fakes bomb attacks

Posted: 04/8/2014 8:45 am

There are moments when you felt neglected and bored of housework that you might turn to movie marathons and snacks for salvation. However, there are other people who will take a more extreme approach as did this six-month pregnant woman in Guangzhou.

Tired of housework, a 34-year-old woman surnamed Ou felt her family did not pay enough attention to her. In a desperate move to attract attention, Ou called the police on April 4 and told them that two kindergartens in Panyu district at which her family members work had been planted with bombs, Yang Cheng Evening News reported on April 6.

Amid rising public security concerns in the city after the Kunming attack, anti-bomb police squads quickly cordoned off the two kindergartens after receiving the phone call around 10am. Parents were called in to pick up their children at noon and more than 500 kindergarten students were evacuated because of the malicious prank call, the report said.

Ou was arrested by the police for spreading terrorism rumors, but given Ou is pregnant, the police granted her bail.

Home page image: CFP


Shenzhen Food Safety Crackdown Finds Contaminated Meat, Noodles and Fish

Posted: 04/4/2014 11:29 am

When overly ambitious food retailers take to acting as amateur chemists to cut corners, they keep the savings but pass the hazardous effects onto us, the consumer. It’s another kind of “lightning in a bottle”.

A total of nine people have been arrested in food safety crackdowns by the Shenzhen Food Safety Department last year. Most of the convictions stemmed from the sale of counterfeit name brand baijiu, drinking water, and beer, but three cases involved the sale of food contaminated with hazardous chemicals.

The most recent food safety “blacklist” details some of the food Shenzhen residents may have been eating this past year, SZ News reported.

Grass fish, Mandarin fish, Yellow fish – six fish out of a sample of eleven were found to contain malachite green, a controversial aquaculture agent that controls bacteria and fungi. It can be safely used for fish in aquariums, but not recommended for consumable fish as it poses a health risk to humans. Banned in the USA, UK, and Canada, this agent also known as “China green” is commonly used as a dye.

Four seafood sellers at Luofang Seafood Wholesale Market were found guilty of using malachite green during a September 25, 2013 inspection and given sentences of six to ten months in jail and given fines up to RMB 10,000.

Fried rice noodles – excessive amounts of sodium borate or Borax were found in noodles sold by a food seller in Longgang District. Because of its effectiveness against yeast, Borax is often used as a food preservative but is mostly used in China to add a firm rubbery texture to noodles. Is banned in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Fan Chuhao, owner of the Chuhaoji Beef Store, failed a food inspection on March 25, 2013 and convicted. Fan was sentenced to six months in jail and fined RMB 3,000.

Marinated meat – high levels of hydrogen peroxide were found in marinated meat at a food processing workshop in Longgang’s Henggang Subdistrict. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a bleaching agent for shark fin, but is used in meat preparation because it kills bacteria and helps tenderize the meat.

Xue Chonglan failed a March 15 inspection and was convicted. Xue was sentenced seven months in jail and fined 4,000 yuan.

Shenzhen first established a food safety “black list” on September 1, 2013. If guilty, persons named to this list are not allowed to work in the food industry for five years. This recent list is the third one to be published so far.

Photo: hbshuichan


29 Guangdong Cops Died in Line of Duty Last Year, 21 from “Overwork”

Posted: 04/3/2014 4:40 pm

guangdong police annual deathsGuangdong police officers have it tough. Told by drunk motorists that their “wife is a village elder“, getting outsmarted by jaywalkers on camera, and smashing BMW car windows to force drivers to take a breath test… it’s a stressful workload exacerbated by their nightly routine of silently driving around the neighborhood with the lights flashing. No wonder they always look tired when they show up late and tell two feuding parties that “I can’t help you… you need to work this out yourselves.”

That’s why it shouldn’t be any surprise that a total of 29 police officers died in the line of duty last year in Guangdong province. At a speech given by Deputy Secretary Luo Juan during Qingming Festival services at Silver River Public Matyr Memorial Square (picture below), it was stated that a total of 683 police officers have died in the line of duty since 1980, reported

As seen in the graph that in no way depicts the horizontal mambo at the Blue Oyster Club, the deaths can be classified as follows: one from apprehending an “evil-doer”, five from traffic accidents, two from contracting cancer, and 21 from “sudden death due to overwork”.

In this last category, in which the majority are bottom-tier constables, the majority of officers that died suddenly had been working for over 24 hours. This has led doctors to make the declaration that the deaths are the result of stress and overwork.

In comparison, the state of Texas, which could be construed as the “Guangdong of the USA” if that title wasn’t already taken by Florida, had 13 of its police officers die in the line of duty in 2013, the majority of which were from violent means.

Before Guangdong police officers consider a coalition of peers that seek to address life-threatening workplace dangers, we all must admit: that is one nice commemorative ceremony.

guangdong police annual deaths

Photo: Nandu

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