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Craving attention instead of pickles, pregnant woman fakes bomb attacks

Posted: 04/8/2014 8:45 am

There are moments when you felt neglected and bored of housework that you might turn to movie marathons and snacks for salvation. However, there are other people who will take a more extreme approach as did this six-month pregnant woman in Guangzhou.

Tired of housework, a 34-year-old woman surnamed Ou felt her family did not pay enough attention to her. In a desperate move to attract attention, Ou called the police on April 4 and told them that two kindergartens in Panyu district at which her family members work had been planted with bombs, Yang Cheng Evening News reported on April 6.

Amid rising public security concerns in the city after the Kunming attack, anti-bomb police squads quickly cordoned off the two kindergartens after receiving the phone call around 10am. Parents were called in to pick up their children at noon and more than 500 kindergarten students were evacuated because of the malicious prank call, the report said.

Ou was arrested by the police for spreading terrorism rumors, but given Ou is pregnant, the police granted her bail.

Home page image: CFP


Shenzhen Food Safety Crackdown Finds Contaminated Meat, Noodles and Fish

Posted: 04/4/2014 11:29 am

When overly ambitious food retailers take to acting as amateur chemists to cut corners, they keep the savings but pass the hazardous effects onto us, the consumer. It’s another kind of “lightning in a bottle”.

A total of nine people have been arrested in food safety crackdowns by the Shenzhen Food Safety Department last year. Most of the convictions stemmed from the sale of counterfeit name brand baijiu, drinking water, and beer, but three cases involved the sale of food contaminated with hazardous chemicals.

The most recent food safety “blacklist” details some of the food Shenzhen residents may have been eating this past year, SZ News reported.

Grass fish, Mandarin fish, Yellow fish – six fish out of a sample of eleven were found to contain malachite green, a controversial aquaculture agent that controls bacteria and fungi. It can be safely used for fish in aquariums, but not recommended for consumable fish as it poses a health risk to humans. Banned in the USA, UK, and Canada, this agent also known as “China green” is commonly used as a dye.

Four seafood sellers at Luofang Seafood Wholesale Market were found guilty of using malachite green during a September 25, 2013 inspection and given sentences of six to ten months in jail and given fines up to RMB 10,000.

Fried rice noodles – excessive amounts of sodium borate or Borax were found in noodles sold by a food seller in Longgang District. Because of its effectiveness against yeast, Borax is often used as a food preservative but is mostly used in China to add a firm rubbery texture to noodles. Is banned in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Fan Chuhao, owner of the Chuhaoji Beef Store, failed a food inspection on March 25, 2013 and convicted. Fan was sentenced to six months in jail and fined RMB 3,000.

Marinated meat – high levels of hydrogen peroxide were found in marinated meat at a food processing workshop in Longgang’s Henggang Subdistrict. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a bleaching agent for shark fin, but is used in meat preparation because it kills bacteria and helps tenderize the meat.

Xue Chonglan failed a March 15 inspection and was convicted. Xue was sentenced seven months in jail and fined 4,000 yuan.

Shenzhen first established a food safety “black list” on September 1, 2013. If guilty, persons named to this list are not allowed to work in the food industry for five years. This recent list is the third one to be published so far.

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29 Guangdong Cops Died in Line of Duty Last Year, 21 from “Overwork”

Posted: 04/3/2014 4:40 pm

guangdong police annual deathsGuangdong police officers have it tough. Told by drunk motorists that their “wife is a village elder“, getting outsmarted by jaywalkers on camera, and smashing BMW car windows to force drivers to take a breath test… it’s a stressful workload exacerbated by their nightly routine of silently driving around the neighborhood with the lights flashing. No wonder they always look tired when they show up late and tell two feuding parties that “I can’t help you… you need to work this out yourselves.”

That’s why it shouldn’t be any surprise that a total of 29 police officers died in the line of duty last year in Guangdong province. At a speech given by Deputy Secretary Luo Juan during Qingming Festival services at Silver River Public Matyr Memorial Square (picture below), it was stated that a total of 683 police officers have died in the line of duty since 1980, reported

As seen in the graph that in no way depicts the horizontal mambo at the Blue Oyster Club, the deaths can be classified as follows: one from apprehending an “evil-doer”, five from traffic accidents, two from contracting cancer, and 21 from “sudden death due to overwork”.

In this last category, in which the majority are bottom-tier constables, the majority of officers that died suddenly had been working for over 24 hours. This has led doctors to make the declaration that the deaths are the result of stress and overwork.

In comparison, the state of Texas, which could be construed as the “Guangdong of the USA” if that title wasn’t already taken by Florida, had 13 of its police officers die in the line of duty in 2013, the majority of which were from violent means.

Before Guangdong police officers consider a coalition of peers that seek to address life-threatening workplace dangers, we all must admit: that is one nice commemorative ceremony.

guangdong police annual deaths

Photo: Nandu


[Graphic] Video shot by journalist shows father violently abusing his teenaged son

Posted: 04/2/2014 6:05 pm

[This blog contains graphic images and content that some viewers may find offensive.]

A video has surfaced online that depicts the continued assault of a teenaged boy by his father in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Alerted by a tip, a journalist takes position across from the balcony and records the abuse. From noon until 8pm on March 31, the reporter counts 17 beatings inflicted upon the youth by both the mother and father.

The abuse takes place upon a balcony that doubles as the boy’s bedroom, even during winter months. Having dropped out of middle school earlier this year, the boy rarely leaves the house and only eats two meals a day. The boy stated that the reason for the beating was because he stole a sausage from the other renters that share the flat.

Police have intervened, whereby a councilor has been appointed to help the father and son reconcile their differences.

The boy’s interview with a reporter revealed the extent of any reconciliation to be had:

One time, I stepped on mother’s slipper while I was sweeping the floor; father gave me a beating. Father hadn’t finished drinking; when I took a sip; I got beaten so badly my nose bled. Once when I made noodles and used up the last of the remaining vegetables in the house, father gave me a beating. This Spring Festival I received RMB 200 in lucky red envelope money. I used RMB 30 to buy a toy gun and some firecrackers; father said I wasted money, and beat me.

Here is a clip of some of the recording made by the reporter:


140,000 fake Viagra pills seized in Shenzhen

Posted: 04/2/2014 8:46 am

You can’t rely on the blue pills for performance…not from the ones sold from this illegal drug production facility in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen drug administration and Shekou police department seized a total of 140,000 contraband Viagra pills worth more than RMB 5 million ($806,000) at a counterfeit drug wholesaling den, Shenzhen Business Daily reported on April 1.

The raid came after the Shekou police department received a tip from an anonymous source saying that fake Viagra was being sold online to buyers throughout China. On March 24, after identifying that the suspects were operating from a residential building on Qianhai Road in Nanshan district, the police raided the operation and arrested three suspects.

Testing results from the Shenzhen drug administration confirmed the drugs as counterfeit. The fake Viagra pills was found to mimic the effects of the Pfizer-made drug designed to help cure erectile dysfunction.

According to Pfizer’s senior scientist Amy Callanan, the bogus blue pills may contain chalk, brick dust, paint, or pesticides. In an extreme case, counterfeit pills sold to South Korea that originated in China were found to contain human fetuses, Bloomberg Business Week reported.

If results are reliable, the real pills could help prevent cancer, according to researchers at Guangdong’s Sun Yat Sen University.

Home page photo from Security Industry


Nigerian man caught using Chinese girlfriend to smuggle drugs out of Guangdong

Posted: 03/26/2014 8:58 am

It’s often hard to find someone with that special something that draws you towards him or her. But that was not the case for a Nigerian man caught by police in Guangzhou for drug trafficking. He knew exactly what he was looking for in a girlfriend – a perfect drug mule.

According to a report by China News, the Nigerian man, whose name was not disclosed in the report, deliberately sought Chinese women as girlfriends and lured them to help him smuggle drugs by mailing packages of drugs abroad, the report said.

In order to further reduce police suspicion, the drug dealer would ask his girlfriend to send a package from Zhuhai instead of Guangzhou where he lives.

The Nigerian man was arrested after police officers at Gongbei Customs Department seized a mail package containing more than 600 grams of crystal meth sent from Zhuhai to Malaysia in January this year. After a two month investigation, the couple was arrested at an apartment they shared in Baiyuan district in Guangzhou on March 18.

This, however, is not the first time a drug dealer used Chinese girlfriends to cover his drug trail. In 2006, a Nigerian man in Guangzhou was sentenced to death for dealing drugs. His Chinese girlfriend also received a death penalty with a two-year reprieve for assisting the illegal trade, China Daily reported in 2006.

Home page photo credit: CBC


Wolf of Wall Street? These are the Wolves of Shenzhen

Posted: 02/21/2014 8:57 am

Remember the scene from the Wolf of Wall Street when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jordan Belfort taught his friends persuasion tactics to defraud money from investors? Well…in Shenzhen, we found Jordan’s equal.

An eight-member ring in Shenzhen was busted by local police for defrauding money from middle-aged women. The swindlers had developed a full-blown, tightly scripted manual to coach each of its members how to successfully swindle a victim’s money in just 11 days.

The eight fraudsters disguised themselves as successful men in several ads in newspaper matchmaking sections. To avoid detection, all the ads were placed in papers outside of Guangdong. By following the manual, each successfully swindled RMB117,000 ($19,300) from the victims within a month, Nanfang Net reported in December last year.

The ringleader under the pseudonym Zhao Jun asked his minions to memorise the manual by heart and had them going through intensive phone training before letting them out for real, the report said.

The 11-day operation manual was packaged with ready-made lines in different scenarios from establishing one’s credibility as a nice and considerate gentleman, to the use of endearment; from playing the family card by bringing out an ailing father to the grand closing of asking the women to wire some money to buy some (believe it or not) flower baskets for the swindler’s fake store opening.

The skit only fell apart when a 42-year-old woman from Jilin Province reported the scam to the local police after she had wired nearly RMB75,000 (about $12,400) to Zhao Jun in different settings. Zhao’s excuses include buying flower baskets for his store opening, birthday gifts for his father, compensation for a victim Zhao knocked over on his way to the airport, and even blackmailing by “a cop” from Shenzhen who claimed that he would arrest Zhao if he did not receive any money.

Here are some of the textbook lines straight from the manual: (warning: the below contents are extremely cheezy.)

Lines for Day 1 to establish yourself as a sensible and nice gentleman: “My wife died in a car accident in 2009 on her way to pick up our daughter. I have since being living in the shadow of her passing. I’ve moved into this big house for half a year, but I felt the room is so empty every night when I come home. I can’t even find a person to talk to. Have you ever felt this way before?”

Lines for Day 5 to establish formal “husband and wife” relationship: “My dear, since I have known you in the last few days, sometimes I felt like I just want to call you my wife, although we are not yet married. But I have already decided that you are my soul mate.” The instruction did not stop here. It went to ask the man to hang up the phone immediately after the last line to “create suspense” and only check his phone the day after.

Lines for Day 11 (the grand finale): “My store officially opened today, many of my relatives and friends came. My sister asked you to send me several flower baskets to congratulate my store opening in the name of my wife, which is in line with our local Guangdong custom, and a gesture to show my father your sincerity, and to present you officially to my friends. My sister just called the florist where she ordered her flowers. You should take a pen and write down the florist’s number. You can wire some money (to the florist) to buy the baskets. I will send you RMB50,000 tomorrow for the money you spent. You don’t want to embarrass your husband in front of your friends, right?”

What happened then? Ms Lin wired RMB 32,682 ($5,400) to the “florist”.

Home page photo credit: Nanfang Net 



Toddler who had eyes gouged out is recovering well in Shenzhen

Posted: 11/26/2013 7:00 am

Surely you remember little Binbin, the kid who went out to play and then was attacked by a relative who gouged out both of his eyes this past summer. The attack happened in Shanxi Province, but Binbin was sent down here to Shenzhen for treatment.

Binbin arrived in Shenzhen a timid little boy who needed a lot of medical help. Doctors at the time said they wanted to give him two artificial eyes and navigation sensors. Fortunately for the little guy, the operations have all gone well.

Shenzhen Daily reports on Binbin’s progress, according to his doctor Fairooz Manjandavida:

“Binbin is recovering well, without infection, and he could be discharged from the hospital in two weeks if everything goes well,” Dr. Manjandavida said. “The implants have stabilized, with tissues and muscles attaching to them so they can move like real eyes. The tissue in his left eye socket was too scarred to hold an artificial eye, so a graft from his left buttock was used instead. The prosthetic eyepiece was finally installed after many adjustments.”

Binbin can now brush his teeth, get dressed and go to the bathroom by himself after a month of training and practice.

This is great news. Even better, the paper says his psychological condition has improved greatly:

“Binbin was suffering from significant psychological trauma when he first arrived at the hospital, often hiding behind his mother, but after psychological counseling his senses of safety, confidence and independence have greatly improved,” [Doctor Dennis] Lam said.

It turned out Binbin’s attacker was his aunt, who committed suicide after the attack. We’ll never know her motive.


Shenzhen teacher pleads guilty to child molestation

Posted: 09/24/2013 11:09 am

A former head teacher in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District pleaded guilty earlier this week to the sexual molestation of four female students at Hongji School, according to a report by Shenzhen Daily.

Prosecutors have requested that the head teacher, surnamed Wu, 42, be jailed for three to five years for sexually assaulting the girls “dozens of times,” though some of the parents feel such a prison term would be too light in view of Wu’s crimes, and the psychological harm it has done to the girls.

According to the court case, Wu had been molesting the female students during noon nap time since September 2012, but his crimes were only exposed in May when one of the girl’s parents went to police. He had persuaded the girls over the course of several months that what he was doing was OK because he was a teacher and “different from other people.”

Stories of child sexual abuse by teachers have been making headlines in local and national media on a regular basis in recent months, and some teachers found guilty of rape of minors have even been executed this year under China’s criminal law.

Li Feng, who was executed July, was one such example of an elementary school teacher that the state came down hard on in an example to others. Li was found guilty of raping and molesting 19 students under the age of 14 in Jilin Province.

China’s Central Government this year introduced tougher sentences for those found guilty of abusing children in an attempt to better protect the safety and rights of minors.

Photo credit: ShardsOfChina


China, land of the fake… policeman?

Posted: 09/13/2013 11:00 am

China is a country known for its fake designer products, but what about fake police? Apparently the the answer to that question is also yes: China has officially been able to counterfeit law enforcement.

A man dressed as a policeman, complete with a real pistol, was arrested on August 22 in Shenzhen’s Longhua New Area at a family home after his planned robbery heist went wrong, according to a report out yesterday by Shenzhen Daily (via the Daily Sunshine).

The fake policeman, identified only as Zhang, visited the home of a husband and wife on the pretext of investigating illegal pyramid schemes, and claimed to be from a department in Hubei Province.

At the time only the wife, who remains unidentified, was at home — though she soon called her husband in secret after becoming suspicious of Zhang.

Returning home immediately, the husband told Zhang that he wanted local police officers to be present during any questioning, at which point Zhang became nervous and attacked the couple.

A nearby officer rushed to the scene after hearing calls for help from the wife and seeing that she was covered in blood. Meanwhile, the husband continued battling Zhang inside the home.

Officer Zou Yongsheng said afterwards (according to a translation by the Daily): “I went up the stairs with my gun. When I ran to the third floor, I heard someone moving quietly above me, so I jumped to the upper landing.

“Zhang saw me and started running upstairs. After running for two floors, I caught him. Later, we found that he had dropped the pistol on the fourth floor.”

Zhang confessed later that he was using the outfit and pistol to rob people, though it is unclear if he had robbed anyone previous to this incident. It is not uncommon in China to see civilians sometimes dressed as police officers, and foreigners can easily mistake them for genuine policemen.

The Daily also added: “He said he bought the pistol because he wanted to take revenge on his wife after she had an affair. Zhang said he later bought the uniform because he didn’t want to be bullied by others.”

Following the incident, local residents are being advised to always ask to see ID from police officers before allowing them into their homes. That goes for expats living in Shenzhen, too.

In related “fake” news of an equally controversial nature, The Nanfang reported yesterday that an expat bar in Shenzhen has come under fire for “fake” terrorists in a fancy-dress party to mark the anniversary of 9/11.

Photo credit: Shenzhen Daily

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