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Security Guards At Shenzhen Hospital Abuse Cat, Attack Reporters [GRAPHIC]

Posted: 04/16/2014 11:29 am

cat animal abuse shenzhen security guard hospital journalist beaten attack

[This article contains content and images that may prove to be offensive to some readers.]

Some people are evil. Some people are stupid. And then, there are those exceptional people who are both evil and stupid.

A clear-cut case of animal abuse happened in broad daylight on April 14. Mr Yu was just leaving the Shenzhen People’s Hospital in Futian District when he heard a loud mewing that had attracted the attention of many people in the area. When he noticed two on-duty security guards doing what they shouldn’t be doing, he began to record the following scene:

The text for this video gives more details about the incident: (translated by the Nanfang)

Two Security Guards from the Shenzhen Futian People’s Hospital Abuse a Cat
Yesterday afternoon at around 6pm
Two male security guards from the Shenzhen People’s Hospital in Futian District
used a transparent adhesive tape to tie up a 3-month old cat
and used it to drag the kitty around
Then they hang the kitty to play with it
before dragging the kitty around
Afterwards, they hanged the kitty from a tree
Attracting two small children to come over and ask
“Why have you tied up the kitty?”

Yes, children witnessed this act of animal cruelty as an adult accompanying them walked away. After the end of the video, the cat was taken down from the tree and dragged around before being hung again.

That was evil. Now comes the stupid.

After the video surfaced online, journalists from ten different newspapers and media outlets descended upon the Shenzhen People’s Hospital to confront these security guards. When negotiation with a person identifying themselves as the head of security went nowhere, the reporters went to the information desk to arrange an interview with the hospital’s public relations department.

And then in full view of people whose job it is to record things, security guards began attacking the reporters, reports Shenzhen News, Guangdong Yangcheng Evening News, JS China and other people with the bruises to prove it.

cat animal abuse shenzhen security guard hospital journalist beaten attack

Past stupid and well into Crazytown, security guards beat the journalists with kicks and punches. You’ll have to forgive the lack of clear images of the attack since security guards successfully destroyed cameras from two television stations. The fracas continued until police came to take away the offending security guards.

For the epilogue to this story, we leave Crazytown and depart for Ludicrous City. Lin Hanli, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen People’s Hospital, absolved his organization of any responsibility in regards to property destruction and attacks because the security guards have nothing to do with the hospital; they only happen to work there. Lin said:

“Property management is outsourced, and hospital security guards are the responsibility of property management.”

Back at the beginning of this story, it was a case of “evil” committing animal abuse. Now, by using bureaucracy to absolve responsibility — that hasn’t yet acknowledged the animal abuse — it may be that we’ve gone all the way through the cycle and are back around again at evil.

That, or we’re glimpsing the “irrational national” standard well at work.

Photos: JS China, Shenzhen Evening Post – Weibo account


Phew: Images of disemboweled tiger in Guangzhou were fake

Posted: 01/24/2014 10:00 am

Authorities in Guangzhou’s Huadu District have published a microblog post stating that recent viral photos of a disemboweled tiger being sold on the street were not, as previously claimed, snapped in Guangzhou, Shanghaiist reports.

As we told you on Tuesday, the images were posted by a Sina Weibo user named @iniesta_w who said they had been taken in Huadu. Numerous news sources were already skeptical about the story with the alleged location of the incident constantly changing. Police confirmed the doubts in their public statement. But as Shanghaiist put it, if the pictures were photoshopped, it was pretty well done.

The past few months have been mixed for animal rights in China. More than six tons of confiscated ivory was ceremoniously destroyed in Dongguan earlier this month to send out a message about the illegal trade. But on the flip side, dog and cat meat eaters hit back at animal rights group adverts in December, defending the “tradition” of eating dog and cat meat.


Visitors to Shenzhen zoo toss garbage, rocks, killing crocodiles

Posted: 01/17/2013 5:16 pm

Zoos are supposed to be designed to protect people from animals, but sometimes they need to work the other way around.

Only two crocodiles are left alive of over a dozen that were placed in Rural Grand View Garden, a zoo in Shenzhen’s Guangming New Zone, Shenzhen Evening News reports. The cause of their death? Visitors throwing stones at them and polluting their habitat with garbage.

Visitors, particularly children, have been unimpressed by the hibernating beasts.

A journalist who visited the zoo this week reported that, as crocodiles hibernate during the winter, a lot of visitors have been shouting, spitting and throwing things at them to make sure they are alive.

Because the manmade lake in which they lived was full of garbage thrown by visitors, staff from the zoo went in to clean it this week but discovered that only two were still alive.

The zoo has issued warnings about such behaviour but staff say they have little power to stop it, for some reason.

Sina Weibo users have been less than amused by their compatriot’s behaviour. One user said: “Throwing stones is easy. They should go down in person and see whether the crocodiles are real.” Another said: “Are the zookeepers all fucking dead?” Some lamented the low character of the Chinese people, and others wished similarly unpleasent endings on the perpetrators.

However, the fact that there is so much anger suggests that awareness of animal rights is increasing in the Middle Kingdom.


Bear torture company targeted by animal rights activists in Shenzhen

Posted: 03/1/2012 8:57 am

After China bear-bile producer Gui Zhen Tang recently sparked a storm of public criticism following media reports of the means used by the company to extract bile from bears, and then won approval to list on the Shenzhen stock exchange, the company’s Shenzhen branch on Bao’an Rd. in Luohu district was targeted by animal rights activists this past weekend, reports Southern Metropolis Daily.


Most of the animal rights defenders wore black bear-shaped masks, handing out photos of ‘bile bears’ to passersby outside Gui Zhen Tang’s office. Their cause, widely supported by the public, is to stop the bile-extraction-through-torture, a practice they say also damages the reputation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

One of protesters, dressed up as black bear, portrayed the whole process of how bile is extracted from live bears: crawling on the ground while green ribbons—as a symbol of bear bile, were continuously “extracted” from his “gall bladder” by others involved.

Many local Chinese medicine doctors also reject the use of bear bile as an anti-inflammatory drug or to treat gall stones and liver ailments, saying “other ingredients can be used to completely replace [bear bile].”

The newspaper also reports that a heckler soon appeared and tried to refute the animal rights activists, but his voice was quickly drowned out.

See more photos from the protest here.

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