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Photos Surface of Naked, Corrupt Henan Officials Cavorting with Prostitutes

Posted: 01/30/2015 10:00 am

An official, identified by his surname, Lu, was photographed naked.

Two officials from Henan Province’s Xinyang Housing Administration are under investigation after being photographed naked among several prostitutes, allegedly paid for with bribe money, according to New Beijing Daily.

Zhu Huagang blogged that the two officials spent more than RMB 200,000 of his money on banquets, entertainment and prostitution after assuring him that they would redress his grievance with the Housing Administration.

One of the officials, surnamed Lu, was said to be a division head at the Administration. The second official was a clerk-level public servant. On several occasions, Zhu paid for banquets and karaoke for the public servants. Each time the two officials would ask him to send them to the same hotel and for Zhu to pay the RMB 500 prostitution fee.

When contacted by the media, a representative of the Housing Administration explained that the two officials in question were simply low level public servants. He added that an investigation is underway to verify the story.

More photos below:

Photos: China Youth Net 



Dongguan Hotel Tycoon and Sex Industry Kingpin Under Investigation

Posted: 01/20/2015 11:30 am

Liu Boquan and his private helicopter

A Dongguan hotel tycoon, Liu Boquan, made a name for himself in 2010 after he used his private helicopter and speed boat to help local police chase down purse-snatchers. According to the Dongguan Times, Liu was awarded RMB 40,000 by the provincial and local governments for his heroic deed. But those were the good days, now the intrepid Samaritan has been stripped of his CPPCC membership and is currently under police investigation, China News reports.

The report did not specify what he has been charged with, but Liu, chairperson of several Dongguan four and five-star hotels, took a big hit during Dongguan’s anti-prostitution campaign when several of his hotels were caught offering sex services.

In one case, approximately 30 sex workers at Liu’s Huimei Tianlun Hotel went after the tycoon for outstanding salaries after the hotel was shut down in a police raid.

A parade of sex workers photographed at one of Liu’s hotels.

Ironically, Liu’s last public statement prior to his arrest included a pledge to always follow and obey the Party’s orders, Nandu reported.

Photo: Global Times Net 


Mainlanders Rounded Up in Pre-Christmas Prostitution Sting in Hong Kong

Posted: 01/5/2015 10:00 am

mainland prostitutes in Hong KongA total of 58 mainland women were arrested in Hong Kong in a pre-Christmas prostitution sting carried out by local police and border officials. Code-named “Fire Beacon” and “Whitewater”, the police operation took place in the Kowloon areas of Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Mong Kok on December 23.

The operation targeted Temple Street, Reclamation Street, Woosung Street, Canton Road, and Portland Street, areas known for their vice industries. One hotel yielded 16 suspects during a raid.

All of the suspects had exceeded the duration of their travel permits to Hong Kong, and ranged in age from 18 to 65.

mainland prostitutes in Hong Kongmainland prostitutes in Hong KongPhotos: Xinhua, Sohu


Taiwanese Tourists Arrested in Shenzhen for Soliciting Prostitutes

Posted: 12/4/2014 11:00 am

Eight Taiwanese men visiting Guangdong in a tourist group were arrested in a police raid for soliciting prostitutes. The arrests raised questions about organized prostitution tours from Taiwan, reported Nanfang Metropolitan Daily.

The Taiwanese tourists were staying in a hotel near a local entertainment establishment in Futian District, known to provide sexual services. Popularly referred to as “Mai Chun Tuan”, or “Buying Spring Groups”, tour groups from Taiwan are known to pay top dollar for mainland sexual services. The Oriental Daily has gone so far as to dub Xiachuan Island in southeast Guangdong as “heaven for Taiwan pimps”. A week-long tour to the region costs NTD 30,000 to NTD 50,000 (RMB 7,000 to RMB 13,000).

The Taiwanese travel agency, however, denied allegations that they offer sex tours, and insists this was an isolated case. As for how the tourists managed to find the night club, a representative from the travel agency could offer no explanation, the report said.

Eight prostitutes were also arrested by police during the raid, and the night club was fined RMB 100,000 and forced to shut down business for six months.

Guangdong initiated a large-scale crackdown on sex workers this year after China’s state broadcaster CCTV published an exposé in February on the rampant sex trade in Dongguan.



Dongguan’s Sex Trade Is Back

Posted: 10/24/2014 9:00 am

A woman walks past a banner that reads, “crack down on prostitution, gambling and drugs”.

Dongguan’s sex trade has proven to be more resilient than originally thought. The city, which has been targeted in a large-scale sweep over the past eight months, appears to have its mojo back.

Sixty people were arrested following raids on two of the city’s “entertainment venues” on Houjie Street: Junhao Hotel KTV and Dongcheng Shengshi Gechao KTV, both of which were offering sexual services. Their business licenses have already been suspended for six months.

The arrests come just two months after the city’s massage parlours, saunas, and hotels reopened for business after a massive clean-up, which followed CCTV’s exposé on the city’s rampant sex trade in mid-February. It alleged that the sex-trade contributed 10 percent to the city’s GDP.

Since being allowed to reopen, 2,684 entertainment operators, or 80 percent of the city’s entertainment businesses, have signed a pledge promising not to provide services related to gambling, drugs and prostitution.

In July, Guangdong province also introduced a series of detailed new regulations aimed at prohibiting the “vice trade”, including banning dim lights and private rooms. Evidently, the measures have proven to be of little use.

Photos: SCMP



Largest Bust of Mainland Prostitutes in Taiwan’s History

Posted: 09/8/2014 8:00 am

mainland prostitutes in Taiwan

Twenty-four people were arrested in an underground Taiwanese prostitution ring that recruited women from mainland China, reports News 163. The bust is said to be the largest capture ever of mainland prostitutes on Taiwanese soil.

Suspects arrested in the early morning police raid included 12 mainland women who are suspected of servicing up to 110 clients during their 14 day stay in Taiwan.

One suspect was described as a housewife, and another was described as a 20 year-old, second-year art student from Zhejiang who started prostituting herself to buy luxury items, such as Louis Vuitton handbags.

mainland prostitutes in Taiwan

Police accused Wu Zonghan, 55, and his 28 year-old mainland girlfriend, Peng Yurong, of recruiting mainland Chinese women to fly to Taiwan to engage in prostitution.

The ring had been in operation for approximately one year and involved some 100 mainland women. The women earned about RMB 500,000 in one day, and accumulated a grand total of nearly RMB 100 million.

mainland prostitutes in Taiwan


Photos: 163

Some Men Never Change… 85 Year Old Caught with Prostitute Set Free

Posted: 09/3/2014 6:13 pm

old man prostituteIt’s great to be old in China: people look up to you, they listen when you talk, and laugh at your jokes. In fact, being old in China can have other advantages like being set free by the police when caught red-handed with a prostitute.

That’s what happened to an unidentified 85 year-old man when police came to investigate a report of illegal sexual activity, reports QQ.

At 9 o’clock last night (September 2), police in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province found the elderly man in a hotel suite with an unidentified woman who was not his daughter, or his granddaughter, nor his great-granddaughter.

In front of the police officers eyes, the old man became very regretful at his shameful actions. Not without mercy, the police respected the old man too much to arrest him for the crime of soliciting prostitution. And so, the old man was set free, having only paid RMB 80 to the woman for her services.

The woman, however, was not as lucky. No such respect was shown to her, and she was taken into police custody to be properly processed by the law.

The report does not mention the age of the woman, who is assumed to be “not old”.

Photo: Caijing


Hong Kong Arrests 23 Mainlanders in Prostitution Raid

Posted: 08/29/2014 8:31 am
vice sting hong kong prostituion

Picture from a story that took place in September, 2001.

Hong Kong Police along with Hong Kong immigration agents, arrested 23 Chinese mainland citizens in a prostitution raid, reports Sina.

The arrests were made in Yuen Long on August 27, located in the northwest of Hong Kong’s New Territories. The raid happened on Onning Road, Tunglok Street, Saufuk Street, and Chingsaan Road.

The arrested, aged 18 to 46, are suspected of staying in Hong Kong too long in violation of their visas.

All arrested parties have been detained and are being questioned by customs agents.

Photo: CCTV


Group of Chinese University Grads Choose Prostitution in Tough Job Market

Posted: 08/19/2014 7:29 pm

university graduate prostitutes guangxi nanningFor many university graduates in China, achieving financial independence by finding your own job is the culmination of years of work. However, for one group of university students in Guangxi Province, anything else is more preferable than having to work for a living.

In Nanning, the university graduates wanted to find a job that wasn’t difficult nor strenuous, but was still able to provide them with a comfortable life. After weighing their options, they decided to turn to prostitution, reported Sina News Video.

The group turned to their WeChat social circles as a way to advertise their services and look for potential clients. This continued for a few days until the group was apprehended and detained in a raid caught on video.

As seen in the television report below, several different outfits were found on the premises including a fake police uniform. The police spokesperson interviewed for the report gave a grim assessment of the university graduates, who have all not been identified:

They all didn’t want to work after graduating from university because it is too difficult and tiring. Coming back here (to Nanning), they didn’t want to do any other kind of work, but they wanted to live comfortably. They didn’t have any other skills or abilities, and so could only get involved this kind of illegal activity.

university graduate prostitutes guangxi nanning

Here is the news video:

Photos: Sina News Video, screencaps from 56


Want a Late-Night “Massage” In Guangdong? You’ll Need to Show ID

Posted: 08/11/2014 3:31 pm

The crackdown in China’s undisputed capital of sex continues, despite recent reports that everything is returning back to normal.

That may come as good news to the 200,000 people who lost jobs as a result of the crackdown, which sent people fleeing from the city earlier this year. But while establishments are re-opening, they aren’t quite the same as they used to be.

Reports say that valid photo identification may be required for those late night massage visits, which we believe probably make up a majority of them, if a new proposal is approved. The proposal not only applies to Dongguan, but all of Guangdong Province.

From now on, any visits to a bath house after 2am would be subject to the new requirement. This will, more than likely, have a negative impact on these businesses. On the plus side? It’s sure to inject some stimulus into fake ID shops.

This new requirement has come to light alongside other stiff new regulations we told you about earlier, such as no lights off, no locks on the doors, and no prostitution (of course).

So where are these massage places? Far be it from us to tell you. Just remember, be safe.



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